Music to the Ears – ‘Whisky Wood’ Headphones

Bushmills x Grado Labs Headphones designed by DJs Elijah Wood and Zach Cowie and made from whiskey barrel woodThe best and most ambitious ideas often come late at night, between friends and fuelled by a glass of amber nectar. Imagine how the conversation went down between Elijah Wood, his DJ partner Zach Cowie and the Bushmills Irish Whisky team, following their DJ set at Bushmills Live festival.

The question posed, born out of a shared love of music and handcraftsmanship, was of how to create the perfect sound? Their response – a limited edition line of bespoke headphones created from the barrels used to age Bushmills Irish Whisky.

This symphonic synergy of high fidelity audio, hand-made from authentically-aged whiskey barrel wood by Brooklyn-based Grado Labs, was inspired by generations of craftsmanship and a dedication to producing supreme sound. They are available globally from Turntable Lab here at an RRP of $395.

Elijah Wood and Zach Cowie who designed the Bushmills x Grado Labs headphonesUnited by their love of music, the two friends worked together to design the headphones to fit their specific aesthetic vision. They chose to work with Grado Labs, a family-owned company that ranks as the leader in design engineering for high-end audio and recording. Owned by the same family, working out of the same Brooklyn factory for more than 50 years, Grado makes every set of headphones by hand, delivering an award-winning level of quality and authenticity that meshed perfectly with Wood and Cowie’s vision.

Elijah Wood commented: “Working with Bushmills Irish Whisky on this project enabled Zach and I to take our shared love of music and build upon it. We worked closely with Grado to develop a line of headphones that we’re proud to wear and to share with design and music enthusiasts. It’s been a very rewarding process to get to collaborate on the creation of these headphones with such a respected, and family owned, company – between us, Grado, and Bushmills Irish Whisky, we each have our own aesthetic, and it is so gratifying to see it all come together.

Bushmills x Grado Labs Headphones handcrafted in the Grado Labs FactoryElijah Wood has a longstanding relationship with the Bushmills Irish Whisky brand, performing with Zach at Bushmills Live 2012, the first time the pair had performed together outside of the United States. He also appeared in its ‘Since Way Back’ initiative that celebrates the stories of influences and friendships that have led each member to success.

Widely known for his acting, Elijah Wood is also a music lover, DJ, and record collector. Elijah’s passion for music transcends genres, and together with his good friend Zach Cowie (aka DJ Turqoise Wisdom), they often DJ together under the moniker Wooden Wisdom.

Featuring an all-new design, these custom-made headphones include a premium leather headband and wooden bodies made from Bushmills Irish Whisky barrels. Designed to offer greater clarity and deeper bass, these one-of-a-kind headphones must be heard to be believed.

Bushmills x Grado Labs Headphones Set

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