Battery Launches Borjomi Campaign That’s Not For Everyone

Award Winning Ad Agency Introduces U.S. Market To Borjomi, a Natural Volcanic Mineral Water That Only 1 in 2 People Like

Battery, the creative advertising agency that makes game-changing campaigns for a variety of top global consumer brands, and strategic media consultancy Exverus are launching a campaign and website that introduces the U.S. market to Borjomi, a naturally carbonated mineral water with a long and storied history, and the #5 global brand in the carbonated water segment.

Borjomi is a naturally occurring sparkling water with a distinctive taste of minerals that is born in Georgia’s volcanic depths, rises many kilometers up to the surface while getting enriched with unique minerals. Celebrating 130 years in 2020, Borjomi is currently available in 30 countries.Battery and Exverus have been hired by the brand’s parent company,

IDS Borjomi International, headquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine, to help the water penetrate the American market. Battery has created a series of tongue-in-cheek spots that promote Borjomi’s unique “volcanic” taste and feature a pair of consumers taste-testing the water: One likes it and the other doesn’t. The tagline of the campaign is “Borjomi. Tastes Like Nature. You Just Forgot What Nature Tastes Like. Exverus is handling media strategy, planning and buying. Unlike many other sodium bicarbonate mineral waters, Borjomi does not cool down before it reaches the surface and comes out of five mile deep springs warm (100-105°F), getting enriched on its way with a composition of 60 various minerals found in rock layers of the Caucasus Mountains. Thus, Borjomi indeed “Tastes Like Nature..”

The campaign will run online with paid social, video, and search geo-targeted to store locations where Borjimi is new to shelves.

Nataliia Revika,  IDS Borjomi International Global Brand Portfolio Director said, “Borjomi is originally the golden standard of natural mineral water in Eastern Europe. When we came to explore US market opportunities about a year ago, we found out that despite very high competitive clutter, there are not many brands with such a high unique mineral content. That’s why it creates a special personalized taste experience for trialists: some consumers feel it’s like seawater and some say it’s a smooth taste with a hint of minerals.”

“The bottled water market is literally flooded with confusing brands,” said Joe Sgro, Creative Director at Battery. “Which is why we wanted to create something as bold as the unique, fizzy taste of Borjomi itself. When we learned that only one in two people actually like it, we found our insight and decided to make that part of the campaign. It’s a pretty bold move for a company to show people on camera not liking their product, but they embraced it from day one. Battery is on a mission not only to help introduce this uncommon water to the U.S. market, but also to establish Borjomi as an exciting, international lifestyle brand for a new generation of consumers.” 

“Borjomi is an exciting beverage brand that isn’t afraid to take risks to stand out in a crowded marketplace,” said Anna Elema, Associate Media Director, Exverus.

“We can test and learn exactly what creative is increasing awareness for the brand. We’ll use the data to tell if our ad is driving people to stores to try Borjomi and see what 1 of 2 they belong to. As creative media strategists who love to challenge category conventions, we are excited to partner with such a forward-leaning brand to break into the US market in fresh and innovative ways.”

Source: Battery

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