B&B studio reinvigorates smoothie category with new brand creation Mockingbird Raw Press, makers of premium cold-press smoothies and juices

Mockingbird Raw Press is a new brand creation by B&B studio for Life Health Foods UK, encompassing brand positioning, creative strategy, naming, brand design and packaging. A specialist in premium cold- press technology, Mockingbird Raw Press will launch in fruit and vegetable smoothies and juices with further categories to follow.

Generic functionality

Underwhelmed by the current state of the UK smoothie space, B&B was keen to transcend the ubiquitous positioning of ‘fruit and vegetables with benefits for a healthy lifestyle’ embodied by every competitor and reintroduce emotion into a now purely functional category. In addition, the agency needed to find a way to communicate the benefits and justify the premium price positioning of cold- press – a task that competitor cold-press brands had singularly failed to do. The strategic solution was two-fold: first, introduce the codes of craft into the smoothie and juice category, borrowing from the worlds of spirits and cold brew coffee for a more premium look and feel; and secondly, retell the cold- press story in an emotional rather than literal way.

Do No Harm

Do No Harm is the philosophy at the heart of Mockingbird Raw Press, reflecting the ability of cold-press to transform fruit and vegetables into smoothies and juices without damaging its nutritional integrity or clean authentic taste. As a brand manifesto, it speaks to kindness and care, setting the foundations for a brand in tune with an audience of young, purpose-driven consumers. The philosophy and brand name work hand in hand, inspired by the moral at the heart of the novel To Kill A Mockingbird – that it’s a sin to hurt something that does no harm.

Craft Codes

The Mockingbird ethos is captured in the brand’s symbol – a playful bird icon protected within an embrace of natural leaves. The symbol is heroed on packaging beneath a simple curved logotype and raw press descriptor. Colour-coding is kept minimal, in the symbol’s leaves and product name, relying on the coloured liquid to communicate and challenging the category norm of full colour. The dominant monochrome palette of the label design signifies the brand’s more premium status and reinforces its craft positioning. Beyond packaging, the brand embodies a playful lifestyle that focuses on building a vibrant and creative community as well as advocating healthy living.

Lisa Desforges, Strategy Director at B&B studio, says: “It has been well over 20 years since Innocent set the bar high for smoothie and juice brands, and in recent years we’ve seen the whole category become increasingly conventional and conformist. Mockingbird was a fantastic opportunity to offer consumers something new and encourage them to reappraise a tired supermarket shelf.”

Head of Marketing at Life Health Foods, Hannah Curtis, adds: “With Mockingbird Raw Press, B&B has created a brand to redefine the smoothie & juice market. The branding captures our premium and authentic positioning perfectly, and we’re excited to take it to market.”

Mockingbird Raw Press is now available to buy in selected Waitrose Stores nationwide, Whole Foods Market and Planet Organic. Further retailers to be announced soon.

Source: B&B Studio

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