Boundless Brand Design Team Up With Rogue To Create A ‘Damn Good’ Breakfast Experience, Rogue Cereals

The Rogue revolution continues!

Audacious and disruptive challenger brand, Rogue, with the help of Boundless Brand Design, this year relaunched the brand identity in order to establish themselves as an innovator within grocery and disrupt the traditional preserves and chutney categories. Showcasing their innovative, creative, breakfast-inspired products, Rogue lives in a world of colourful character and punchy personality with roguish charm and wit. Set up to bring the coolest city breakfast experiences to our kitchens by embracing experimental food moments and enhance connections around the table. 

Having successfully gained several grocery and app listings with their jams and preserves, Rogue came to Boundless now looking to bring indulgent cereals to the breakfast aisle, a category that has been lacking in innovation and new news. Standout, table-worthy and packed full of delicious flavours, these cereals are destined to be demolished, by spoon or hand. 

Introducing a distinctively bright and magical trilogy of cereals with monkeys, elephants and flamingo’s decorating the front of pack, interacting with unique features of the flavours and cereal pieces falling around them into the bowl. For this range Boundless developed the tattoo inspired illustrations that were created for the jams and chutneys, bringing more etching and colour into play, to depict the playfulness of the flavour profiles. 

Around the pack the design continues to emphasise the breakfast occasionality and depicts fun storytelling to be indulged over the cereal. 

Hamish Shand, Founder and Executive Creative Director at Boundless says, ‘Another iconic innovation for Rogue, we looked to create impactful and eccentric designs that would hero the Rogue nature of the brand, showcasing the alternative flavour profiles and play into the fun filled breakfast occasion. Continuing to challenge the status quo, we have defined a new world for cereals to live, inspired by excitement and creativity, a damn good cereal for all the family.”

Asher Flowers, Founder of Rogue says, ‘Once again we thoroughly enjoyed working with Boundless on this latest round of innovation, bringing to life the Roguish charm and whit that we have become known for. This new range of cereals is daring and bold, embracing our brand attitude and once again shaking up the category norms. Working with Boundless is always a joy with their unparalleled creative thinking and fresh approach to packaging within FMCG.”

Having only recently launched, this innovative range of Cereals has already been awarded a Silver at The 24th FAB Awards – The Global Award recognising the best in Food and Beverage Design and Marketing Communications.

Source: Boundless Brand Design

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