Butcombe Brewing Co Launches Gold Gluten Free

Butcombe Brewing Co has launched a gluten free variant of its ever-popular golden ale Butcombe Gold – Gold Gluten Free.

As well as being a superb tasting golden ale, Gold Gluten Free also solves the age-old problem faced by chefs striving to create authentic tasting gluten free dishes with a beer element.  Beer battered fish, steak and ale pie or beer-braised meats can now feature safely on menus.

Unlike some gluten free options on the market that can lack character and flavour, Gold Gluten Free has been brewed using all the same ingredients and hops used in original Butcombe Gold.  Using the very latest, state of the art brewing techniques the gluten is removed at the fermentation stage of the process producing all the taste of a classic ale.

Mike Jordan, Head Brewer, Butcombe Brewing Co says: “Made from dazzling Maris Otter malt, Gold Gluten Free won’t disappoint.  It’s a well-balanced, full-bodied gluten free golden beer with a subtle floral and herby aroma.  Gold Gluten Free is also the perfect ingredient to use when catering for those who are gluten intolerant.” 

Available in 500ml bottles, Gold Gluten Free is available from Butcombe Brewing Co’s online shop:  https://butcombe.com/brewery-shop/

Source: Butcombe Brewing Co

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