Coldpress Juices Celebrate 10 Year Union With Pink Lady Apples

When Coldpress set out in April 2011 to makes its name in the premium juice fixture, the team knew they faced an arduous task taking on ‘establishment’ rivals in their own back chiller.  

Success depended on quickly finding a marque partner to not only turn heads but celebrate HPP’s innate capacity to showcase best-in-class fruit’s full-bodied flavour notes & nutritional depth.

Surprisingly there was a time, not so long ago when all apple juice tasted somewhat samey, which meant it was never revered in quite the same way as perhaps a pithy, well-rounded Valencian orange might have been.  Overnight the Coldpress/Pink Lady union transformed apple juice perceptions by creating chiller cabinet commotion, that raised the bar for single orchard apple juice appreciation and installing Pink Lady as Coldpress’s ‘flagship’ flavour.

To celebrate this Union of Great Taste, Coldpress is launching a social media festival (Jan-March 2022) where Pink Lady prizes, award-winning Coldpress juices and goodies from other proud Pink Lady custodians (Nims, Belvoir and Little Freddie) can be won.

Naturally, the top prize is a two-person trip to France to wander Pink Lady’s orchard estate, so keep your eyes peeled in the New Year for Coldpress bottles adorned with an eye catching pink label and QR code.

Source: Coldpress

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