Coldpress Orange Returns To Waitrose (But This Time With Extra Beneficial Vitamins)

For the all deserved plaudits that Coldpress has deservedly secured over the years for its single orchard apple juices (Pink Lady & Golden Delicious) with their deliciously distinct YET discreet flavour notes and  luxuriously full-bodied smoothies, it’s reassuring to know that from October 20 it’s hero Valencian Orange offer will be returning to its Waitrose heartland.  It’s a touching reunion as Coldpress started its UK adventure at everyone’s favourite ‘Partnership’ 9 years earlier; albeit this time orange will come armed with added fortified vitamins (B,D & E).

Premium tier Juice as we know is a trusted ‘nutritious pitstop’ and yet even the very best juices are armed with varying degrees of vitamin C (PLUS the occasional trace of vitamin D if the right vegetables are present).

Earlier this year Coldpress decided it should build upon its unrivalled reputation for best-in-class juices by providing a range of one-stop, nutritionally-rich juices and smoothies that not only provided a generous of vitamins B, C & E, but 40% of one’s daily Vitamin D needs as outlined by Public Health England.

Public Health England is currently conducting a far-reaching review on vitamin D in the context of COVID-19 whilst the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) is looking deeper into all the research linking essential vitamin deficiencies with poor COVID-19 outcomes.

According to Coldpress founder, Andrew Gibb‘Whilst some believe that quirky  flavour marriages & odd colourings ( e.g. spirulina blue) is what defines a market pioneer, we’ve always believed that a true ‘juice leader’ is a range that not only get the basics more right that anyone else (the best HPP orange, the best HPP apple…) but works relentlessly to support today’s increasingly hectic lifestyles, whilst providing ever more reasons to reconsider juice.’

With a strong presence in Co-op, Ocado and NISA and regular promotional smoothie pushes in Lidl, Coldpress is escatic to be returning a NEW, improved Coldpress Valencian Orange back to its spiritual home Waitrose, next to Coldpress Pink Lady. 

Source: ColdPress

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