D’Amazonia Brings Beauty In A Cup To The Wellness Hot Beverage Table

Collagen-themed tea to support smooth supple skin and joint stiffness

Hot on the heels of their groundbreaking menopause tea launch, it was perhaps inevitable that D’Amazonia would next turn its gaze to a cutting-edge, collagen inspired hot beverage on account of its manifold health benefits.

D’Amazonia’s Beauty Tea contains: Chinese Green Tea, collagen peptides, hibiscus, turmeric, moringa leaf, Chinese White tea, rosehip, apple pieces and blackberry leaves.

Collagen supplements is one of the hottest trends within UK wellness having established an enviable reputation as the holy grail of combatting joint stiffness and supporting good skin health.  Collagen makes up 80% of human skin keeping it supple and taut, a welcome counter to premature wrinkles that tops up one’s skin elasticity.

According to D’Amazonia founder, Marcela Tupinamba, ‘As ever our functional teas are deliberately tasked with offering so much more than great taste and refreshment.  Our beauty tea specifically responds to the reality that as we age our body not only finds it progressively synthesise collagen but also repel inevitable free radicals (Sun’s UV rays, manmade pollution, the tribulations of passive smoking ..…) which accelerate the speed at which our inbuilt collagen levels deplete.’        

Among all the usual hero ingredients you’d expect to spot in any well-balanced and nutritionally adept hot beverage, it’s worth noting the presence of moringa leaves that were in times gone by used by Greeks, Romans and Indian Mauryan warriors to boost energy and strength prior to battle.  Known by many to come from the ‘miracle tree,’ moringa leaves are jam-packed with calcium, iron, essential B-vitamins, vitamin C, potassium and magnesium.

Available May 24

Each Beauty pack contains 20 tea bags made from 100% biodegradable materials

Source: D’Amazonia

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