EAULAB Unveils A Bottled Water Solution For The 21st Century

Startup water brand EAULAB is at the forefront of innovation in the bottled water industry. The young company’s latest mission is to tackle the rising levels of contaminants commonly found in drinking water.

The water that we drink is purified using technologies established decades ago. Since then, there has been a massive rise in new types of contaminants that are typically not effectively removed by these traditional technologies. These include the results of the population taking new pharmaceuticals such as synthetic hormones, statins, and anti-depressants and increased volumes of antibiotics and painkillers. Also, the significantly increased use of pesticides fertilisers and herbicides by agriculture has resulted in higher levels of these chemical contaminants in the water supply. Finally, concern is rising about the levels of microplastics in our drinking water.

A recent study from the World Health Organisation showed that 90% of the world’s bottled water brands contain microplastics. The ingestion of microplastics has been linked to a variety of health problems.

Eaulab’s founder, Sean Moran, is a passionate advocate of working to improve the quality of drinking water using the latest in cutting edge scientific methods. He explains: “We created Eaulab with the belief that clean, untainted water is a human right. We want to see a seismic shift in the way that the beverage industry looks at the production and sales of bottled water, and we believe that change will start with the work we want to do.”

The scope of the contaminated water problem is vast, and there is currently little if any regulatory obligation to remove these contaminants. The team at Eaulab are not waiting for the regulations to catch up. They want to work ahead of the curve to develop new technologies and be part of a vanguard of solutions for this challenge affecting every member of society.

Moran adds: “Our actions today will be felt long into the future. So let’s makes sure those actions are responsible. “Eaulab believes that engaging with this critical work will be a game-changer, and asks interested readers to pre-register on the #ChangeFromChoice platform at eaulab.com as it gears up to raise investment through crowdfunding. Join the growing revolution in water technology. Register today to support Eaulab and vote for change.

Source: EAULAB

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