End Of An Era For Great British Biscotti Co As Dorset Bakery Transitions Lock, Stock & Biscuit Barrel To Artful Baker


It’s all change at Dorset’s favourite artisan bakery with the proud biscotti baking team waving an emotional last fond goodbye to the business’s founding brand, The Great British Biscotti Co which from Jan 1st 2022 will transition 100% into The Artful Baker business.

From Jan 2022 Artful Baker will be stripped back to 6 ‘hero’ lines, a mouth-watering mix of revamped favourites & 2 new arrivals (e.g. Salted Caramel, Pecan & Toasted Hazelnut & Fennel, Pink Peppercorn & Salt):    

  • Triple Belgium Chocolate, Sour Cherry & Dark Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Pecan & Toasted Hazelnut 
  • Smoked Jalapeno & Lime, Fennel, Pink Peppercorn & Salt and Sundried Tomatoes, Kalamata Olives & Oregano

As with so many other artisanal businesses, Lockdown provided the perfect ‘taking stock’ moment to revisit and refresh a brand that started out back in 2017 as a small batch artisanal offering supplying a discerning independent sector (upstanding delis and cafes, hamper operations delis and the National Trust).

Much has changed over the intervening years including a significant site overhaul to create the right mix of artisanal craft and preparing for growth, a significant uplift in export, major collaborations (Hotel Chocolat, John Lewis….) a move into market-leading  vegan & gluten-free alternatives and perhaps most strikingly becoming the inaugural winners of Warburton’s Batch Ventures fund.

According to Paul Rostand, the business’s effusive founder,Working with Warburtons coupled with positive feedback about our new Artful Baker single baton offerings, reminded us that we are really onto something special with regards taking a timeless classic and giving it extra integrity & category authority by only utilising best-in-class ingredients (real butter, free-range eggs, pink peppercorns, smoked jalapeno), whilst never resorting to palm oil, lazy fillers or artificial nasties.  Great British Biscotti allowed us to hone our craft in creating sublime permissible treats, but now we’re in a significant growing phase, and with us looking beyond biscotti…. we needed a more indulgent brand identity to reflect our increasingly indulgent and diverse biscuit beliefs.’

This 6-strong selection not only provides the perfect building blocks for growth but acts as the perfect springboard for ‘next stage’ biscuit development beyond biscotti! 

Source: The Artful Baker

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