Intertype Studio creates Grey Goose, VIVE LA NUIT! 

A vodka of uncommon brilliance, represented by a journey through nature’s greatest light show – the northern lights. Grey Goose Vodka is distilled from French wheat and made with spring water from Gensac-la-Pallue that is filtered through limestone. 

GreyGoose_NorthernLights-22MAR23.m4v from Asa Cook on Vimeo.

The geese that journey through France on their epic migrations from North to South take a majestic night flight in this limited-edition bottle. By creating a story that is rooted in nature and celebrates light, Intertype Studio found a creative solution that communicates the liquid’s natural origins, whilst bringing a unique stand out in the on trade. 

The back label uses a reverse applied holographic foil, causing the hidden light puck in the base to illuminate the night sky in a constantly changing spectrum of colour as you move past the bottle in the bar. This ‘3D’ hologram effect foil refracts through the clear liquid to create a 3D visual of the Northern lights suspended inside the bottle. 

The bottle was created specifically for on trade accounts – night clubs and bars. The light puck in the punt can be programmed to pulse in response to background music. In these dark environments to bottle will literally light up the night, bringing a joyful energy and an effortless style.  

The concept was so well liked that customers immediately ordered it for two years stock level in advance, where usually they only stock a limited-edition bottle for one year! 

Source: Intertype Studio

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