La Doria expands filling capacity to meet demand for canned foods in SIG SafeBloc carton packs

Third SIG Safe 12 Food Retort Filling Line installed at Sarno Plant      

La Doria, one of the most important food producers in Italy, has recently expanded its filling capacity, investing in a third SIG Safe 12 Food Retort filling line for canned food products with high content of solid particulates in SIG carton packs. SIG Safe 12 Food Retort filling line makes it possible for La Doria to fill food products in SIG SafeBloc carton packs, taking advantage of the many logistical and sustainable benefits of this packaging solution. The low weight and rectangular shape of SIG carton packs ensures manufacturers and retailers maximize transportation and storage efficiency, as well as more effective use of shelf space.

In Italy and across Europe, many customers and retailers increasingly appreciate the logistical, convenience and sustainable benefits of carton packs for canned food. SIG SafeBloc carton packs are a more sustainable packaging option compared to cans or glass jars* and ensure products, such as vegetables and stews, are optimally protected to retain their high quality over a prolonged period. La Doria fills a wide range of pulses on the new SIG Safe 12 Food Retort filling line in SIG SafeBloc carton packs, from 200 ml to 500 ml.

Diodato Ferraioli, Export Sales Director at La Doria: “Our close cooperation with SIG for two decades has enabled us to grow our business and drive carton share in our food categories. Investment in our third SIG Safe 12 Food Retort filling line at our Sarno plant gives us the best options for logistics, efficiency, flexibility and sustainability. We continue to work together with SIG’s expert team to provide our retailers and consumers with the most convenient and sustainable packaging solutions for our food products.”

In 2022 La Doria filled its food products in more than 100 million SIG carton packs, supplying many of the most important retailers in Europe. It’s ongoing partnership with SIG ensures La Doria stays ahead of the market, as more brands and retailers seek sustainable alternatives to traditional packaging, such as metal cans and glass jars, for canned foods. Commercial production on La Doria’s third SIG Safe 12 Food Retort filling line started at the beginning of 2023.

Paolo Volpari, Head of Marketing Europe at SIG: “Carton packs continue to gain traction for food products thanks to their solid environmental performance and high level of convenience. Our innovative solutions not only meet the changing needs of customers like La Doria, but also consumers who are now much more clued up on environmental matters and are looking for high-quality long-life products in more sustainable packaging.”

Source: SIG

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