Whilst Flagship English Truffle Crisps Debut In 329 Waitrose Stores

For a business dedicated to unearthing, creating and celebrating the world’s finest bar snacks traditions, it was maybe inevitable that Made for Drink’s far-reaching ‘flavour compass’ would eventually hone in on South African-inspired, beer-friendly biltong, made from 100% grass-fed Irish beef. 

Made for Drink’s Original Seasoning Biltong will launch into Waitrose stores (Oct 22)                                      RSP £2.95 (30g)

As an award-winning business that forged its reputation acquainting inquisitive taste buds with gloriously gastronomic meaty snacks that pair seamlessly with one’s favourite alcoholic tipples:   Duck Fritons (IPA), Chorizo Thins (Rioja) and Salami Chips (Pilsner); it was only a matter of time before best-in-class, beer-friendly biltong appeared on the radar.

According to Made for Drink founder, Dan Featherstone‘Our ongoing ambition is to provide our retailers with common sense trade up opportunities within the snacks category, which is why we prioritise discerning ‘me-time’ moments, specifically Thursday/Friday night with a drink.  We seek to make these moments as delicious and as memorable as possible, which is why we’re always on the lookout for any gaping gaps where we can introduce real innovation and best-in-class intentions.’

Biltong is one of the world’s greatest beer-friendly snacks that has been making positive strides in the UK marketplace in recent times.  We felt the moment was ripe for a best-in-class biltong made with 100% Irish grass-fed beef, which is why we approached a well-established biltong producer with proud Eastern Cape ties who’ve relocated to Northern Ireland.   

English Truffle Crisps: Once again, Made for Drink’s ongoing quest to laud simple, deliciously distinct snacking of fine repute will see its flagship potato crisp, English Truffle make its eagerly anticipated debut throughout the Waitrose estate this October, a sea-change moment for their proud, 5 year snacking alliance with English Heritage.

Made for Drink’s English Truffle Crisps will debut in Waitrose (Oct 22) RSP £1.25 (40g)

 ‘We’ve known for some while that we were onto something pretty special with our English Truffle crisps and have focused on what we do best, building meaningful distribution – Fat Duck, Fortnum & Mason, The Mandarin & Oriental Hotel and the Perfectionist Café Heathrow.  Further moves into WH Smith Travel and Touts have seen sales snowball whilst our Waitrose debut will provide us with enviable nationwide distribution, showing once again the countless possibilities that exist to take a simple, trusted product and take it into a new, totally delicious orbit.’

Source: Made for Drink

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