Making waves with Plymouth Gin’s second “Ocean Edition” in partnership with Ocean Conservation Trust

Introducing Boundless Brand Design’s latest release in the next chapter of Plymouth Gin’s partnership with the Ocean Conservation Trust. Now in its third year, the partnership aims to raise awareness and funds to support the Ocean Trust’s incredible work. This year, for the second year in a row, the distillery is launching a new limited ‘Ocean Edition’ bottle that will give back £1 to the charity’s Blue Meadows Project for each bottle bought.

Boundless Brand Design were tasked to create a bottle that both built on the success of the first-year edition and paved the way for many more limited-editions. Our approach was to design each bottle – today and in the future – as a magnifying glass that would take us up-close with the sea’s sub-marine beauty, each time focusing on a specific part of the eco-system we were protecting.

The 2024 design applies this poetic lens to the Ocean Conservation Trust’s innovative work with seagrass conservation. Indeed, seagrass is both one of the fastest disappearing habitats on the planet and one that produces enough oxygen to be known as the “lungs of the sea”, making this work urgent – and essential. So, we looked to the sea as our muse and wrapped the blue-tinted bottle with swirling emerald seagrasses illustrations, playing with the glass’ translucency and shape to give a sense of movement and light. The magnified scale and vibrant colours drew the viewer into a fantastic world of maritime wonders.

This approach built beautifully on the OCT’s human insight: that every one of us will feel inspired and filled with hope when facing the sea – and that such optimistic feelings are what we need for successful ocean conversation.

Every step of our design process needed to live and breathe the partnership’s sustainable ethos. We’re incredibly proud to say that both label and bottle are made using recycled material and 100% recyclable materials, and that the colour which brings to life the seagrass meadows is even baked into the glass.

It’s a design that feels as if pulled straight from the middle of a dancing seagrass meadow – a bottle as attached to the ocean as the Plymouth Gin distillery itself. A design that proves once again, that you’re never too old to make waves (even at 231 years old!).

Hamish Shand, Boundless Brand Design’s founder and Creative Director, says “we’re incredibly proud to join Plymouth Gin and the Ocean Conservation Trust partnership for another year. Our work’s richness and beauty reflects nothing less than the passion we share for the issue it raises.”

Source: Boundless Brand Design

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