Market Debut In Asia: DPO Launches “National Milk” In SIG Carton Packs With SIGNATURE Packaging Material


Dairy Farming Promotion Organization of Thailand (DPO) has introduced a new “National Milk” product range in SIG’s on-the-go combiblocXSlim carton packs with SIGNATURE Full Barrier packaging material, where the small amount of polymers used is linked to certified forest-based renewable materials – an innovation in Asia.

The combination of pure fresh milk and ingredients from local farms offers consumers premium quality and natural healthy benefits as a “Snack Drink”. Value is added by selecting local tropical fruits and premium vegetables such as Rainbow or Mahachanok mango and taro, which contribute to new taste experiences. These market innovations are available in SIG’s combiblocXSlim 150ml on-the-go carton packs and are aimed primarily at the younger generation and office workers, who are increasingly purchasing products via online delivery services during the Covid 19 pandemic. The objective is to offer them new drinking occasions and equally convenient and sustainable packaging solutions. DPO is aware of the importance of promoting high quality Thai agricultural products and the productivity of dairy farmers as well as improving the sustainability of products. DPO has selected SIG’s combiblocXSlim carton packs with SIGNATURE Full Barrier packaging material, where 94% of the raw materials are linked to renewable, forest-based wood sources independently certified via a mass balance system. This results in CO2 savings. 

DPO launched the new products under the slogan “Love Us, Save the World”. DPO’s responsible choice demonstrates that Thailand’s leading dairy brand is the first in Thailand to make such an important contribution to the switch from conventional plastic to plastics linked to renewable sources, and providing differentiation on store shelves.

Suchart Chariyalertsak, Acting DPO Deputy Director: “The launch of new products is also in line with DPO’s vision to become the “National Milk” by 2022, aiming to provide more opportunities for the Thai people to enjoy high-quality dairy products. This is also in line with the vision of enabling Thai dairy farmers to run stable and sustainable farms.”

SIG works closely with DPO to help the company meet the rapidly changing demands of consumers. SIG supports DPO in developing new concepts and products that combine sustainability and differentiation.

Vatcharapong Ungsrisawasdi, Country Manager Thailand at SIG: “On our journey with the DPO team, we jointly developed the innovative product concepts. It started with the vision of a sustainable “National Milk”. We have supported our client at every stage of development to now bring products to market in packaging that meets current consumer needs and is also ideal for future trend products.”

Source: SIG

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