MODERATION WITHOUT COMPROMISE™ – CUT CLASSICS Launch World’s First Range Of Premium Light Spirits

  • The World’s First range of 20% ABV Premium Light Spirit Drinks
  • Half the alcohol, half the calories and ALL the flavour
  • Just 28 calories per serving
  • Suitable for Vegan and Gluten-Free Diets

Each 25ml measure contains just 28 calories, making it a ‘light’ alternative to a full strength spirit

Cut Classics is set to shake up the UK spirits sector with the world’s first range of 20% ABV Premium Light Spirit Drinks.

Offering more choice for drinkers looking for a middle ground between ‘full strength’ and ‘full stop’, challenger spirits brand, Cut Classics, has remastered classic spirits to 20% ABV, creating a range of sophisticated ‘light’ spirits that can be enjoyed straight, with mixers, or in cocktails.

The three new Cut Classic Premium Light Spirit Drinks – made with London Dry Gin, Aged Caribbean Rum and British Grain Vodka – are distilled or blended in exactly the same way as a premium full strength spirit. The result is a range of impeccable ‘light’ spirits that offer the familiar taste of their full strength counterparts, but in a softer and smoother style, and with half the alcohol and half the calories.

Atlanta O’Connor, co-founder of Cut Classics, says:

“As pioneers of Premium Light Spirits, we set out to make a range of sophisticated drinks with all the familiar qualities of a premium spirit; remastered to offer lower alcohol and calories.

“With growing demand from drinkers willing to moderate but not to compromise on taste or experience, it’s about giving people a choice: it’s not full strength or full stop – it’s half the alcohol and twice the enjoyment!

“Cut Classics are designed to be versatile. No matter how they are served – straight up, with a mixer, or in a cocktail – in terms of taste, they really do stand up to scrutiny.

“Each of our Premium Light Spirits is made in exactly the same way as the full strength spirit, be it distilled; triple-distilled; or distilled, barrel aged and blended. Our secret lies in the early production stage with the creation of base spirits with fuller flavours, so when the alcohol is cut to 20% the flavours remain true to type. We do not add additional flavours or boosters. So what you get is an authentic but softer version of a full strength spirit, that’s smooth and elegant on the palate, without the burn that many spirits have.”

Cut Classics are launching with three classic varieties:

Cut Classic made with London Dry Gin: Distilled in some of the oldest copper stills in the UK, this light spirit drink is delicately perfumed, with subtle hints of spice and peel to deliver a smooth, juniper-led, classic taste and feel.

Cut Classic made with British Vodka: Triple distilled in the traditional manner using 100% British wheat, our 20% ABV light spirit drink is smooth, creamy, and clean; elegant on the palate and without the harsh burn that many spirits have.

Cut Classic made with Aged Caribbean Rum: A skilful blend made with 5 year old barrel aged Caribbean dark & light rums deliver a warming and complex light spirit drink that’s smooth and well balanced, subtly showcasing earthy spices, caramel & mellow vanilla notes in a light and elegant form.  

O’Connor continues: “At Cut Classics, our mission is to create change in the drinks industry, by sweeping away the assumption that spirits must be full-on or full-stop, and making great tasting, premium light spirits that people will want to come back to, time and again. 

NEW! Cut Classic premium light spirit drinks made with London Dry Gin, Aged Caribbean Rum and British Grain Vodka are now available to buy at with more stockists to follow. RRP £30 for a 700ml bottle.

Source: Cut Classics

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