Mother’s Day is Even More Special This Year and Should Be Celebrated

SUPPER STARS, the private dining experience, has two fun and original suggestions for parents staying at home with their children during the current disruption, and brings a message of hope to parents who are out of sight but close to the heart.

When nature challenges us most, it is human ties, in particular family, that give us hope and resilience. That is why Mother’s Day takes on an even greater relevance this year, and should be remembered and celebrated despite the confusion and anxiety.

In the midst of current uncertainty, the one thing that is clear is that in 2020, Mother’s Day will be different. On the one hand, we have parents who are now at home with their children as schools shut and businesses move to remote working. On the other, we have parents who have been forced to self-isolate or are unable to travel to be with their families. To make Mother’s Day special, SUPPER STARS’ gourmet chefs and celebration experts have suggestions to make the best of both situations.

For parents at home, the challenge of entertaining little ones grows day after day. SUPPER STARS has created a virtual kitchen workshop where parents and children can have fun with pots and pans, all while learning tricks and tips from its own culinary pros.

There are suggestions for all tastes: learn to make pizza and fresh pasta with authentic Italian sauces; discover healthy and practical menus for the family’s day-to-day life; or, for parents and children with a sweet tooth, opt for a cookie and chocolate workshop. Everything is adjusted to suit the level and age of the participants, and tailormade to each family’s preferences.

As it is time for everyone to be at home, the chef leading the workshop will conduct the class directly from his or her own kitchen. The only criteria for those who want to join is a broadband connection and a good mood! Private workshops start at £75 for bespoke online sessions of 45 – 60 minutes.

In turn, at a time when many parents and children are forced to keep their distance and postpone their celebrations until a later date, SUPPER STARS has a message of hope for next year, confident that #everythingwillbeok. The idea is simple and tempting. Make a super mum super happy with a voucher for the whole family to celebrate together, safely when time allows. Because she deserves it, offer her a memorable experience – a MasterChef worthy meal, where she does not have to do anything but welcome the family home.

Source: Supper Stars

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