This September sees award-winning Mr Bug launch its next tranche of insect protein innovation for healthier living hounds in the shape of a handy superfood shaker, that will provide a generous dash of mealworm protein seasoning at mealtime.

As the UK’s 1st DEFRA approved mealworm bug farm, Conal and his team are well-versed in the nutritional merits of mealworms, the Rolls Royce of better-for-you bugs that comes complete with a distinctive nutty twang to provide a gastronomic lift to any dog bowl feast.

Dried mealworms contain 53% protein, 28% good fat, 6% fibre, 5% moisture and a full sprinkling of beneficial amino acids and minerals

According to Mr Bug founder, Conal Cunningham, ‘Feedback from consumer shows like Crufts highlighted to us how worried growing numbers of pet parents were concerning the contents of their dog’s favourite dog foods.  Insect protein toppers are seen as an commonsense means of providing a generous dusting of nutritional vitality to any dog’s daily eating regime.’

Available in a 135ml shaker (£5.99), Mr Bug’s mealworm seasoning provides yet further proof of the Devon business’s ongoing commitment to sustainable thinking and the circular economy, by championing forward-thinking farming techniques that use only a fraction of the land, water and feed of traditional farms.

Source: Mr Bug

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