Mr. Bug Champions 4-Strong Range Of Nutritionally Ripped Entovegan Dog Treats Made With Home-Grown Devon Grubs

April 22 marks the eagerly anticipated arrival of Mr Bug, a sumptuous, nutrient-dense range of wheat-free, bug-based treats made with the kingpin of flavoursome grubs, the mighty mealworm.

  • The Nutty One – Mealworms PLUS Peanut Butter & Turmeric
  • The Fruity One – Mealworms PLUS Honey, Cranberries & Apple
  • The Veggie One – Mealworms PLUS Sweet Potato, Carrot & Parsnips
  • The Cheesy One- Mealworms PLUS Vegetarian Cheese & Beetroot  

Now we can hear your ‘brain cogs’ whirring, as you ponder, ‘surely intriguing entovegan blends are nothing new?’ and in some senses you’d be correct, since there’s an ongoing search for ethical, sustainable farming practices that are less ‘land & water greedy’ in today’s rapidly changing world. HOWEVER, in the world of dogs, the predominant grub of choice has been the black soldier fly, a bitter-tasting stalwart of animal feed and not the human-friendly, podgy mealworm which offers you 4-legged friends moreish treats with a deliciously distinct nutty twang.  Secondly and perhaps most excitingly, Mr Bug’s mealworms come with a rich Devon accent (not your usual gravelly lowlands utterances) because this is a proud SW enterprise where tasty mealworms are brought up on locally grown fruit and veg bought before being lightly hand-baked in small artisanal batches.

According to Mr Bug founder, Conal Cunningham, ‘Although grub consumption has historically been tarred with a yuck factor in Western Europe & North America (even though 80% of countries around the world happily munch through some 2000 species of edible critters), it feels like we’ve now reached a moment when sustainability, planet-responsible practices and a more personalised approach to our dog’s wellbeing have reached a crescendo and thoughtful pet parents increasingly crave tasty snacking solutions made with ‘real food’ and no added salt or sugar, back-of the-barn meats or over-processed synthetic nasties.  Today modern dogs are living longer than ever before so are naturally vulnerable to a greater array of historically under-appreciated ailments.  The growing influence of pet humanisation meanwhile ensures that pet owner’s inevitable self-inspection has spilled over into wanting a better grasp of the family dog’s nutritional intake and wellbeing.’

For the record it’s worth noting that mealworms are jam-packed with nutritional worth: offering more calcium than milk, more B12 than salmon, more iron than spinach and all 9 essential amino acids!

Source: Mr. Bug

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