Noble House Prepared Makes Its Move Into Micro Market Sector

Noble House Prepared, the award-winning brand which provides chef prepared, restaurant quality frozen dishes delivered direct to the consumer, has extended its offering to meet the changing needs of the corporate catering sector.

The pandemic has triggered a new genre of in-house catering for staff. Factors such as the high number of employees working from the office on a daily basis, high costs associated with running a fully staffed catering team and the desire to minimise food wastage and maximise shelf life, as well as optimising portion control and keeping Covid-safe, all combine to enforce the appeal of a ‘micro market’ – a concept which Noble House Prepared is well placed and ready to deliver.

The brand has developed various formats to help businesses streamline their corporate dining costs. This includes a partnership with a leading nation-wide vending machine and micro-market supplier, enabling staff to select their premium quality frozen prepared meal of choice (as well as a wide range of hot and cold drinks and snacks) and then heat to order. Alternatively, Noble House Prepared can also supply a branded freezer (with high-powered professional microwave if required), which offers an extensive array of dishes from the brand’s comprehensive portfolio of starters, mains, sides and desserts.

Commenting on the move, managing director Conrad Baker says, “Few businesses have come through the pandemic unscathed and the traditional corporate / staff dining room is now a luxury that commands a high level of financial support, which is likely to come under the spotlight when scrutinising potential cost-cutting exercises.

Regardless of the challenges that the pandemic has placed on companies, it is hard to argue the clear benefits of the micro market concept.

Partnering with Noble House represents a strong financial saving, but with zero compromise on the quality of the dining experience. Staff wellbeing should be at the top of the corporate agenda and Noble House Prepared’s strong commitment to sourcing best-in-class ingredients and adhering to the restaurant style food preparation principles intrinsic to the brand’s success, ensures that while overheads can be dramatically reduced, the food offering to staff, and corporate visitors, is of the highest calibre and remains consistent with a fine dining setting. It’s a win-win.”

.Source: Noble House Prepared

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