OHMG Brand Launches Innovative Range Of Relaxation Drinks Aimed At Reducing Anxiety And Stress

Drinks brand OHMG has today unveiled a range of still and sparkling waters that aim to reduce anxiety and aid relaxation by providing consumers with magnesium-enriched drinks.

OHMG’s new range of magnesium waters offer a refreshing alternative to the soft drinks market and are sure to challenge the relaxation drinks category. The brand recently scooped silver at the 2021 Nourish Awards where they won against hundreds of nutrition and health products.

The range of beverages are made with pure water that has been naturally infused with a bioavailable magnesium, delicious natural fruit flavours and extracts; along with functional botanicals, that help reduce anxiety, tiredness and fatigue and contribute to normal psychological function. 

Stuart Walsh, co-founder of OHMG Brands says, “The relaxing drinks category is growing fast, predominantly led by CBD Drinks. We’re going in a completely different direction by using a high quality, bioavailable magnesium as it’s an incredibly important nutrient that plays a role in more than 300+ functions in our body. It regulates the nervous system, improves cognitive/psychological balance as well as contributing to energy-yielding metabolism. Magnesium is known as the anti-stress mineral that helps reduce tiredness and fatigue, I think we could all do with some of that right now!”

The new range, currently available in the UK, includes a plain still and sparkling magnesium water, plus three exciting flavour combinations including Raspberry & Lemon Balm + L-Theanine, Peach & Rosemary + Ashwagandha and Blackcurrant & Echinacea + Vitamin C. 

Walsh adds, “As a start-up, we’re incredibly proud to be able to bring a much-needed premium  product to market that we hope our customers will not only love, but actually ‘feel’ the difference too.”

OHMG Magnesium Water features zero sugars, zero sweeteners and zero calories, each drink comes in a 330ml recyclable can and contains 15% of the recommended daily allowance (56 mg) of Magnesium – nearly as much as an avocado. 

The OHMG drink range is available from Harrods and direct from the OHMG.shop, the brand is also in advanced talks with other major retailers and has secured £250k of investment for the launch stage. RSP is £1.99 per can, £5.85 for a trial pack and £23.40 for a pack of 12. 

Source: OHMG

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