One Taste, One Love

Having spotted a rise in popularity of Tonic Wines among a younger audience, CoBev wanted a brand identity and packaging design which resonated with this new audience whilst staying true to the products Jamaican roots, and so he teamed up with Bristol based creative agency Episode Two.

Founder Amish spotted the rise in popularity of Tonic Wines, but having grown up around these drinks, he wasn’t convinced that the options out there were doing the category justice.

This was a challenge he took very seriously! It took a whole year of product mixing and testing to satisfy his tastebuds – but the dedication paid off.

Launched with two flavours – classic Cherry, plus the first Tonic Wine using Black Grape – say hello to the delicately smooth, flavour infused tonic wine that is Ragga. Easy to drink, with a tantalising, refreshing, fruity taste. 

“It’s hard to put it down after one taste!” founder Amish says.

“Such dedication to getting the product right deserves a powerful brand identity and eye-catching packaging design to support it” says Episode Two Creative Director Mark Stubbington. “We’ve loved bringing Amish’s vision to life.”

Episode Two have created a brand which resonates with the new younger Tonic Wine audience, whilst staying true to its Jamaican roots. A brand that’s all about the Taste, and all about the Vibes.

“From the first round of concepts delivered to an incredibly tight deadline, to the extra help and advice Episode Two offered, I have been really impressed. The new Ragga design is loved by our consumers, and I’m excited about where the brand will go next!” Amish Thakkar. Director, CoBev Ltd

Source: Episode Two

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