OSM Łowicz boosts sustainability credentials with SIG’s combibloc ECOPLUS packaging material – World’s first use in cream category and 500ml volume 

Popular dairy producer OSM Łowicz continues to prove itself as one of Poland’s sustainability leaders, as it becomes the first in the country to opt for SIG’s combibloc ECOPLUS packaging material without aluminium layer and first in the world in the cooking cream category.

OSM Łowicz is also one of the first in the world to use SIG’s fastest growing square base family pack combiblocMidi, and also its combiblocSlimline carton pack, in small 500 ml volume, with combibloc ECOPLUS. This offers more options when it comes to product volumes and product categories for the dairy specialist, to differentiate its products on shelf and also offer its retailers and consumers one of the most sustainable packaging solutions on the market.

combibloc ECOPLUS is a key USP focus for OSM Łowicz in its latest brand strategy. Starting with its lactose-free milk in combiblocSlimline 1,000 and 500 ml with combibloc ECOPLUS, the brand has now extended its liquid dairy portfolio to include combiblocMidi 500 ml with combibloc ECOPLUS in the cooking cream category. 

Switching a great part of their UHT liquid dairy portfolio to SIG’s packaging material with no aluminium layer gives OSM Łowicz stand out exposure on shelf, including strong impact for their on-pack communication. This is an integral part of their brand strategy, because it’s not only consumers who are demanding more sustainable packaging options, but also many retailers who have included this packaging structure in their best practice recommendations.

And that’s not all. The fact that SIG’s innovation has a huge impact on the Polish market was demonstrated at this year’s International Dairy Cooperatives Forum, where OSM Łowicz received an award for launching products with combibloc ECOPLUS, the most sustainable packaging material for dairy and cooking cream on the Polish market. 

SIG led the industry by developing the first ever aseptic carton solution with no aluminium layer. combibloc ECOPLUS packaging material further enhances the positive environmental performance of aseptic carton packs. It is made from 82% renewable paperboard, with ultra-thin polymer layers to protect product quality over a long period. By eliminating the need for an aluminium barrier layer, combibloc ECOPLUS cuts the carbon footprint of SIG’s standard packaging material by 27%*.

Karina Zawadzka, Senior Marketing Manager at SIG: “We have a strong ethos of working closely with customers such as OSM Łowicz to pack food and beverage products in a safe, sustainable and affordable way. More than two billion of our well established 1-litre combiblocSlimline carton packs with combibloc ECOPLUS packaging material have already been sold. By extending to combiblocMidi, our fastest growing modern family pack, we’re enhancing opportunities for our customers to differentiate their products in a stand-out pack, which also offers strong environmental credentials. We foresee the market to seek more sustainable packaging solutions that have a low carbon footprint and are designed to work without non-renewable materials.”

Sustainable innovations, such as combibloc ECOPLUS packaging material, are central to SIG’s commitment to partner with customers and go Way Beyond Good for both people and planet. 

Source: SIG

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