PERK!ER launched gloriously gluten free bread & treats into Whole Foods Market on 29th September 2012

PERK!ER is a brand new gluten free food company founded in April 2012 by Ann Perkins and Steven Turner.
After going gluten free in 2009 Ann discovered a few things; first she started to feel a lot better and had loads more energy; second, she realised she had a lot less choice in food, and that a lot of gluten free food is inferior in quality and more expensive than the gluten containing alternative. So in 2011 they decided to give up their jobs and think of ways they could make life better for everyone who has to avoid eating gluten.
PERK!ER’s mission is to make gloriously gluten free food so delicious that everyone will enjoy it. Talking to lots of gluten avoiders PERK!ER found out what they find hardest, and came up with lots of ideas to solve these problems. In their Yummery they did lots of experiments, & lots of tastings with their guinea pig network (who always tell the truth!)…and the result is fabulous and delicious gluten free food, which they hope will delight you!
According to Ann PERK!ER co-founder “At PERK!ER we create food with fabulous looks, that’s generous with the yummy bits and delicious to eat. Forget the gluten, we believe this is some of the yummiest food you’ll ever have.”

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