#PlayWithPringles amasses 1 billion views on TikTok

The #PlayWithPringles challenge was launched in Germany, Italy and France this year and in just five months, has amassed an astounding one billion hashtag views and growing each day. The simple challenge encouraged TikTok users to get creative with the iconic Pringles tube through dance, forced perspective, comedy, music and more.

Millions of TikTok users engaged with #PlayWithPringles challenge, making it one of the most engaged brand campaigns on the platform.  The campaign generated an incredible 278M+ videos from over 343K user generated entries with a 13% average engagement rate. Pringles also increased brand awareness with a new audience of digital natives. At a time when most people were socialising online, the challenge encouraged playful engagement with Pringles, and the campaign has become the catalyst for fun, creative self-expression and community engagement.

Pringles launched the challenge by working with well-known TikTok Creators in each market who kickstarted the campaign with their creative inspiration and gave the campaign maximum exposure. With the simplicity of the challenge being the key to its success, thousands of other creators quickly followed, bringing their unique and creative take on the challenge. Many ‘jumped’ into the can to change clothes, some passed it from one screen to another and others used clever editing and effects on the platform to create magic around the can. Whatever the creative approach, the Pringles can is front and centre in each video.

Speaking about the campaign, Miranda Prins, Pringles VP said, “We noticed fans were already using our can to create fun videos on TikTok and we wanted to build on this by launching the #PlayWithPringles challenge. It was easy to get involved, have fun and put an individual spin on things, making this campaign such a success. It has been amazing to see the response to our challenge and even better to see the creative ways people are using our product on TikTok. We’re always looking at the latest trends to engage with our consumers and our partnership with TikTok is an exciting evolution within our digital marketing strategy.”

Commenting on the campaign, Dave Hoctor, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Lead, TikTok said: “It was great to see Pringles identify an existing TikTok trend, and tap into this with a simple and fun hashtag challenge, inspiring creativity and sparking joy, which is what TikTok is all about.  They built a compelling brand experience which connected with our community of creators across the world.”

The challenge was supported by a variety of promotions on the platform. These include One Day Max, where videos are shown in feeds for one day, TopView which displays a 5-60 second full-screen vertical video with sound-on when the app is opened and TopView Lite, which displays 3 second image or 3-5 second sound-off, full-screen vertical video when the app is opened. Used together, these solutions increased exposure for the organically booming challenge page – https://www.tiktok.com/tag/PlayWithPringles.  

The campaign is an on-going initiative by the brand with the hope that people will continue to #PlayWithPringles.

Source: Kellogg

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