Putting The Nuts Back Into Butter

We’re talking pistachio butters not legume butters

Undoubtedly one of the stranger ramifications of the pandemic has been a renewed appetite for breakfast not only as a meaningful standalone meal, put as an early doors pitstop for taking on good nutrition.

This November saw Borna take its nut butter prowess into Ocado, Wholefoods, Amazon and all manner of independent delis and garden centres (Cotswold Fayre), hot on the heels of summer successes in Nature’s Health Box, Foda Box, The Food Market……

Despite nut’s proud ‘nutritious convictions’ within the healthier living mix, when it comes to a jams & spreads fixture where peanut butters, marmalades and honey have all enjoyed good growth over the last 12 months, there still remains scope for an ‘authentic’ nut butter to make its presence felt.  

Borna 100% pistachio butters are available in Crunchy, Smooth & Sweet Roast and 2 enticing blends Coconut & Pistachio and Strawberry & Pistachio

Made with only 100% natural ingredients and includes no salt, sugars or ‘padding out’ oils

£7.99-£8.49 (170g)

Lest we forget, peanuts are essentially legumes with nutlike mimicking properties, whilst Nutella’s strong hazelnut links are strong yet tarnished on account of their inextricable ties with palm oil, skimmed milk and sugar. 

Borna Foods began life as a nut-themed wholesale business that initially plied its trade both at home and overseas, primarily within the independent health food sector before establishing ‘early doors’ ties with a small number of discerning retailers fostering an enviable reputation in cashew, almond and perhaps most pointedly pistachio innovation.  

According to Borna Foods founder Behnam Heydaripour‘Pistachios have been adored for centuries, as a healthy nibble with a unique piney/citrus aroma. The creation of 6 x 100% natural ingredient pistachio butters made with no added oils, sugars, salt or synthetic extras means that in addition to being a sublime spread for breads and bagels OR a nutritious addition to a healthy-living smoothie or porridge, nut butters can also support all-manner of scratch meal creations, be that a stir-fry, a curry or a lightly grilled fish dish.’  

Historically deemed too expensive to make the move into nut butters and milks, pistachios, thanks to Borna Foods can now make their way as an everyday affordable nut butter with an enviable low glycemic index.  This after all is a tasty ‘slow-energy’ spread with the capacity to support good gut and eye health, whilst lowering cholesterol, blood sugars and championing good blood vessel health.’

Source: Borna Foods

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