Riedel chooses SIG’s unique on-the-go packaging innovation combismile for iconic juice brands


Dutch company Riedel, a leading producer of NCSD products, is the first in the Netherlands to offer its famous juices in SIG’s innovative on-the-go combismile carton pack. Riedel’s iconic Appelsientje, CoolBest and DubbelDrank juice brands will benefit from the clever design of combismile, which is also paired with SIGNATURE FULL BARRIER packaging material, where the small amount of polymers used are linked to certified forest-based renewable materials via a mass-balance system. 

SIG’s combismile carton offers the perfect lifestyle match for Riedel juices and provides busy consumers of all ages with ultimate on-the-go convenience – easy to open, handle, hold, close and store on the go. With a curved, modern shape with easy grip corners, combismile offers consumers handy consumption straight from the pack and is resealable thanks to its innovative one-step closure.

Riedel has extensive expertise in carton packaging, naturally evolving over time in close partnership with SIG. The new 330ml on-the-go combismile carton pack is a logical development, unifying Riedel’s carton packaging portfolio to offer the most convenient and sustainable choice for consumers.

Julie van Bergen, Marketeer at Riedel: “Being the first to offer Dutch consumers such a great convenient and sustainable packaging solution for our on-the-go juices is an important step forward for Riedel. We conducted an independent LCA and the positive results show SIG’s combismile pack has 75% less CO2 emissions than our previous PET bottles. On one hand we are following our carton pack roots, while on the other bringing true innovation with combismile and SIGNATURE FULL BARRIER, as our busy consumers gravitate towards more sustainable and convenient packaging options.”

Carton packs with SIGNATURE FULL BARRIER packaging material reduce the carbon footprint compared to a standard carton pack* even further, as a result of the substitution of fossil polymers with mass-balanced plant-based polymers made from tall oil – a by-product of paper manufacturing. All three key raw materials are linked to certified responsible sources: paperboard is from FSC™-certified forests and other controlled sources; forest-based renewable polymers are certified according to ISCC PLUS (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification) via a mass-balance system; and an ultra-thin layer of ASI certified aluminium protects against light and oxygen. Riedel already successfully uses SIGNATURE FULL BARRIER packaging material for juices in 1,000ml and 1,500ml carton packs from SIG.

Sonia Voicu, Marketing Manager BeNeLux & France at SIG: “Our combismile carton pack is the perfect match for Riedel’s famous Appelsientje, CoolBest and DubbelDrank juice brands, standing out on shelf and offering unparalleled on-the-go convenience and sustainability to consumers. SIG and Riedel’s partnership spans many years and the carton pack is a natural choice for its strong brand portfolio. Together we will continue to innovate the Dutch juice market.” 

SIG’s CFA 1824 filling machine for combismileBig combines excellent flexibility with high speed, providing Riedel with the capacity to fill 24,000 carton packs per hour and the ability to fill five different volumes: 200ml, 250ml, 300ml, 330ml and 350ml. 

Source: SIG

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