Sea Smoked, the UK’s first 100% plastic-free packaged smoked salmon, launches in the UK

From the owners of Sea Chips comes brand new product Sea Smoked, the UK’s first completely plastic-free, commercial smoked salmon, launching online and in Booths supermarkets this October.

Retailing at £4.85, the smoked salmon is sourced from the ice-cold Scottish waters, responsibly raised by Wester Ross in the Scottish Highlands, best known for excellent husbandry and quality. 

Whilst smoked salmon is a staple in many households, it is known for being notoriously unsustainable when it comes to its use of plastic packaging. Sea Smoked aims to help us make more sustainable food choices when shopping, with all parts of the packaging being 100% recyclable – including the outer sleeve, bag and board, whilst also being home compostable and biodegradable.

Sea Smoked is the only fish processor in the UK to hold the coveted BAP (best adequate practices), which shines a light on how all aspects of the business from sourcing to production are fully responsible and sustainable. In addition, 10% of profits go to ocean charities to help keep the sea clean. 

Sea Smoked was created by the founders of the UK’s first handcrafted salmon skin crisps, Sea Chips. Created by founders Daniel Pawson and Dominic Smith, the waste-free idea came to them when they were working in restaurants and discovered that the majority of salmon skin was being thrown away, despite its nutritious and protein-packed properties. What started as an observation soon turned into a business idea with a solution to a problem, and Sea Chips is now stocked at Ocado, Whole Foods Market, Ocado, Budgen’s and many more places across the UK. 

Sea Smoked – bringing smoked salmon into the modern era with a plastic-free makeover.

Source: Sea Smoked

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