This November sees the eagerly anticipated arrival of Seriously Low Carb’s latest bread-themed innovation, which comes in the shape of fantastically foldy, high protein vegan wraps, that at only 93Kcals, offer the perfect blend of low sugar & low carbs meets high protein & high fibre. 

For anyone not in the know, Seriously Low Carb is a high-flying category leader within keto-friendly breaded goods that dominates Amazon and online, enjoys significant success within the indie/ deli fray and is now making positive waves within the learned corridors of the major retailers 

The Seriously brand was born back in 2020 when enthusiastic endurance sportsman Andy Welch decided to enter an iron man and accidently discovered keto. Loving bread but not being allowed to eat high carbs was difficult. Andy’s inability to find a tasty keto-friendly alternative shaped his decision to make his own. Twelve months of extensive bakery development resulted in the 1st commercial Seriously Low Carb loaf appearing online. In the blink of an eye sales rose from 2-3 loaves to 12,000 a week – all without advertising! 

‘Our 250,000+ Low Carb Legends are amazingly supportive but even but since day 1 they’ve asked us to give them a Seriously Low Carb Wrap. There are others out there, but nothing until now that gives perfect harmony to taste, versatility and nutrition. People want a wrap that can envelop everything, and dry fries well when making quesadillas whilst supporting our keto & weight-loss friendly ambitions (35% fewer calories, 82% lower in carbs, 45% lower in sugar and 118% higher in fibre than their ‘everyday equivalents!). 

In January 2023 Seriously Low Carb will unveil a dynamic NEW brand identity that will celebrate its arrival into a number of well-known supermarket chains.  ‘It’s fair to say,’ concludes Andy ‘that our focus over the last year or so has been our products, which meant that our packaging and brand identity fell short in capturing the energy, appetite appeal and nutritional wow of our range.  You should never judge a book by its cover, but we needed to truly convey the game-changing nature of our expanding offer. Judging by the initial responses of our retailers we’ve more than ticked that box!’ 

£3.99 for a pack of 4 wraps (200g)

Source: Seriously Low Carb

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