SIG reports progress on journey Way Beyond Good and aims to go even further for people and planet

Published today, SIG’s Corporate Responsibility (CR) Report for 2020 explores the company’s progress on its journey Way Beyond Good, and sets out SIG’s mission to go even further for people and the planet as it partners with customers to deliver food to consumers around the world in a safe, sustainable and affordable way.

“With Way Beyond Good, we set some very bold ambitions for our company, and our latest CR Report highlights just how much we have achieved,” said Samuel Sigrist, CEO of SIG. “I’m very proud of the progress we have made over the past five years – and continued to make in the last year despite the challenges of the pandemic. Now, we aim to deliver even more value for people, planet, customers and investors as we embark on the next phase of Way Beyond Good for 2025 and beyond.”

SIG CR Report

Way Beyond Good: Five years on

Five years ago, SIG set an ambitious roadmap of 2020 targets to go Way Beyond Good by putting more into society and the environment than it takes out. The latest CR Report highlights the significant milestones SIG has achieved since then, including a host of industry firsts. 

Achievements in 2020 include:

  • Enabling customers to continue delivering vital food supplies throughout the COVID-19 pandemic 
  • Further cutting greenhouse gas emissions and staying on track to achieve stretching targets that align with the latest 1.5oC climate science
  • Sourcing 100% paperboard as FSC™-certified (from January 2021)
  • Remaining the only aseptic carton provider to offer aluminium-free packs, packs linked to 100% renewable materials and packs with all three main materials certified as responsibly sourced
  • Surpassing 1.3 billion packs sold with the aluminium-free combibloc ECOPLUS solution since its launch in 2010 
  • Reaching nearly 200 million packs sold with SIGNATURE 100 or SIGNATURE Full Barrier packaging materials that use polymers linked to 100% renewable, forest-based materials
  • Launching SIGNATURE Circular, the world’s first aseptic cartons made with post-consumer recycled plastic
  • Retaining a Platinum rating in the latest EcoVadis assessment, scoring among the top 1% of participating businesses
  • Securing financing explicitly linked to sustainability performance.

Going further to meet global challenges and customer needs

In addition to reflecting on progress to date, the report sets out SIG’s mission to create food packaging that makes the world a better place by expanding forests across the world, taking carbon from the atmosphere, creating more resources for future generations, and ensuring nutrition and hydration come safely to ever more people. 

These far-reaching ambitions focus on the areas where SIG can deliver the biggest positive impact – not only for the environment and society, but for customers and investors. SIG’s responsible culture and industry-leading sustainable innovation will also help to drive progress Way Beyond Good.

Transparent reporting

SIG’s latest report builds on the transparent approach developed for its last full CR Report for 2018, which won the prestigious edie Sustainability Leaders Award for Sustainability Reporting and Communications in 2020.

SIG is leading the industry, as well as highlighting key challenges the company is working to overcome. Key performance indicators are externally assured.

The report underlines how corporate responsibility is built into the company strategy and every aspect of the business as SIG continues its mission to go Way Beyond Good.


Source: SIG

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