SIMPLY SEEDZ Launches 3-Strong Range Of ‘Nutritionally Savvy,’ Home-Fried Snacks

In August 2021 the Simply Seedz team will be extending its influence beyond breakfast and full-bodied porridge to create a 3-strong range of ‘nutritionally savvy,’ home-fried snacks SIMPLY SEEDZ NIBBLE KITS available in Seedy Gonzales (Tex Mex), Cheeky Tikka (Tikka Masala) and a truly iconic Trail Blaze (reassuringly sticky BBQ).

Each lovingly wrapped kit contains: 200g of ready-to-pop pumpkin seeds, a sumptuous, full-throttle seasoning and a foolproof list of ‘easy-to-heed’ instructions.

According to fine porridge pioneer, Cathryn Zielinski, ‘When your business’s name is Simply Seedz and your historical focus has been a full-bodied clean-deck breakfast offer, maybe it’s inevitable that the time will arrive to tap into the growing movement for ‘truly’ natural snacks that resonate with today’s ever-expanding, healthier living audience.  Lockdown has inevitably resulted in longer working hours from home, extended periods of desk-based stagnation, and heightened levels of impromptu snacking.  It’s vital that we do our bit to bust the myth that snacking is guilty shortcoming because the right savoury treats can prevent illness, boost immune systems….’

Despite being a trusted staple of so many savoury feasts, many people are unaware just what a nutritious pick-me-up pumpkin seeds are; full of Omega 6 fatty acids, iron, calcium, folate and beta-carotene.

Cathryn concludes by highlighting how, ‘the simple, dry-fried process, the pleasant popping of seeds…. is a perfect educational activity for children/parents to build a growing enthusiasm for health-conscious snacking.’  

Source: Simply Seedz

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