Studio Unbound have bottled a dose of sunshine with Saluti.

Studio Unbound were approached by Saluti to help them share their slice of sunshine with the world. Saluti are a young limoncello brand who are on a mission to shift the classic liquor away from its status as an after-dinner aperitif, to becoming a drink which is ubiquitous and enjoyed on all occasions – the new aperol spritz if you like. 

Our young founder escaped the unpredictable English climate and searched for a fresh la dolce vita living. During his stay he discovered lemon farming and the tradition of Limoncello. He wondered whether he could bottle this taste of summer and bring it home to share with others, to inspire a new generation on Limoncello drinkers.

Upon his return, he collaborated with Studio Unbound to bring this vision to fruition. Studio Unbound drew inspiration from his descriptions of a Sicilian lemon farm where the matriarch of the family made the most delicious limoncello in the kitchen. The design was screaming to mimic that traditional farm kitchen and the ceramic tiles to echo the recipes humble beginnings. The contemporary take on the traditional Sicilian tiles uses a graphic representation of a dissected lemon to create its unique pattern. The joyous summer colour palette to reflect that of its Sicilian landscape of plush bright yellow lemons sat under the beautiful summer sky.    

The bottle shape is curved and made from a mottled glass to make an elegant nod to the silhouette of a lemon. Whilst the bottle’s seal takes inspiration from fruit stickers found on lemons in local fruit and veg markets. The use of typography is intentionally minimal so as not to distract from the focus of the bottle and bold tile design. To further highlight the tile pattern the label has a pillow emboss finish to give a more tactile and premium feel – like a clay fired tile. 

The new brand and packaging for Saluti is a trendy take on tradition, giving a contemporary appetising twist on Limoncello.

Source: Studio Unbound

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