Swan Dive, Hard Tea for Fine Stemware.

Glasfurd & Walker creates a Sparkling Hard Tea brand that lifts your spirits.

The majority of brands in the Hard Tea category appear to have a homogeneous brand look – often masculine, loud, and unrefined. The Swan Dive founders approached Glasfurd & Walker with a refreshing vision to disrupt the hard tea market. And the result is breath of fresh air. 

“ We wanted the brand to stand out and reflect me, as the female owner of the brand, and to be designed with a touch of femininity as most other brands out there are not designed or imagined with this in mind,”  says Entrepreneur and Co-Founder Stacie Watson. The design brief initially started with a feeling –  something that felt graceful and elegant but at the same time evoked a sense of adventure, freedom, and the feeling of empowerment to find your own path.  

Glasfurd & Walker created a brand world that brought forward the graceful and elegant nature of the product paired with a sense of adventure and refinement. Refreshing, thirst-quenching, and made for celebratory and everyday moments, Swan Dive’s Hard Tea was created based on instinct and a spirit of readiness. 

It all started with Glasfurd & Walker finding the perfect name as the foundation to build the brand world. Swan Dive – a unity of body and mind. The Swan Dive personality is freeing, brave, and spirited. The name set the foundation for the entire brand and how it would come to life. 

The wordmark was developed using ‘Dahlia’, a typeface that is inspired by elegance, 1910’s Italian lake posters, and Art Nouveau. The design is spirited, with subtle movement reminiscent of the human body’s shape when it dives. Paired with a female diver logo that is taking a graceful,  free-plunge as she moves across the brand in touchpoints. The key brand visual says so much about the brand’s positioning.

The packaging is minimal, with the colour choice guided by the prominent flavour notes of each drink. The logo ‘diving’ around the can, placed differently on each flavor, communicates the spirited nature and ethos of the brand.

The brand embraces simplicity with photography that brings to life the ‘lifts your spirits’ tagline. Through visualizing a feeling of freedom and elegance, the photography encapsulates colorful, graphically minimal, and engaging scenes of teas and ingredients that are deliciously evocative.

Through its simple, yet expressive execution Swan Dive delivers Hard Tea for fine stemware.


Agency: Glasfurd & Walker

Client: Swan Dive Hard Tea

Photography: Gabriel Cabrera
Type: Dahlia Medium Condensed, Meno Display
Illustration: Katya Zlobina

Source: Glasfurd & Walker

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