The welcome return of foraging, faraway holidays has certainly stirred a latent appetite for World Cuisine (£2bn category 2020) that was gently simmering even before Lockdown.  However at the height of the pandemic stuck-at-home families looked for simple, convenient ways to spice up their tired meal repertoires and rekindle distant holiday memories.

Interestingly, for all the talk of added food theatre, a recent Kantar report (Feb 22) suggested that easy-to-prepare not authenticity remained the single most compelling factor for consumers seeking out World Cuisine recipes that elevated family mealtimes.  

The 1st Tranche of African Foodie Products consists of:

  • BERBER HARISSA: Authentic North African Tribe chilli sauce made from cayenne peppers, garlic, carraway olive oil, sunflower oil & dried chillis (cooking ingredient, crusty bread accompaniment….) 
  • SHAKSHUKA: The original Tunisian sauce made with Mediterranean veg & traditional spices
  • OMEK HOURIA: A Lively carrot relish flavoured with garlic & spices including coriander & carraway seeds
  • MASHWIYA: An enticing Libyan blend of sublime Mediterranean vegetables 

                                                                Each recipe has been endorsed by the Vegan Society

The African Foodie is the lifetime ambition of seasoned foodie, Alsamani Khider, who grew up in a bustling family food business, which actively championed Northern African cuisine across the African peninsula.  

‘From my studying days at English universities, I quickly realised that time-poor consumers were starting to look ever further afield to the Middle East, Northern Africa & South America for ‘healthier World Cuisine’ solutions (reduced sugar, low fat, best-in-class vegetables) that marry exotic spices with a growing appreciation for sound, plant-based thinking.  In time, The African Foodie hopes to celebrate the finest food traditions from across the African Continent, however in the short-term the focus is very much Tunisia & Libya, vibrant hotbeds of artisanal, vegan-leaning fayre.’

By working alongside a small number of authentic artisanal producers & growers, The African Foodie aims, not simply to put North African vegan cuisine firmly on the UK food map, but to create invaluable local jobs that will be ably supported by Alsamani’s Manchester operation.

Source: The African Foodie

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