This June sees Three Robins extend its award-winning oat milk range with the launch of two game-changing, oat milk-based smoothies for 3-12 year olds, offering the holy grail of health, taste, and convenience.  If that wasn’t exciting enough, these fibre-rich smoothies have no added sugar and are packed with beneficial veg (carrot, parsnip, courgette & beetroot, something that many parents struggle to get into their kids).

N.B. 45% veg content in Super Berry & 25% veg content in Totally Tropical

Positioned as the perfect permissible lunchbox sweet snack OR on-the-go treat for health-conscious parents looking for something convenient that isn’t packed full of sugar; these wholesome snacks fortified with beneficial vitamins and minerals (vits B12, B2, D PLUS folic acid and iodine) will appeal, not simply to the often overlooked, lactose-intolerant community, but any families actively seeking delicious, plant-based offerings.

Launched back in May 2022, Three Robins is the healthier living vision of Karen Robinson a vocal spokesperson for women’s rights in conflict-affected countries, who changed careers after spending supporting women’s rights in conflict-affected countries when she discovered that one of her three boys (aka the three robins) was lactose intolerant, leading her to spy a gap in the market for a family-friendly pat milk brand.

‘As a mum I was frustrated by the lack of quality options on shelf, unable to find a brand that could meet all the needs of our young family. I felt let down by the high levels of sugar in so many supposedly better-for-you snacks and the limited range of nutritious, plant-based kids treats that my boys would actually enjoy eating.’

What’s more, the ambient nature of these forward-thinking smoothies will appeal to both multiples, indies and foodservice outlook seeking to keep a firm grip on their wastage numbers.

Source: Three Robins

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