vybey, Australia’s Leading UK Complete Meal Powder Provider With Brain Health Nootropics Makes UK Retail Debut                                                                                                            

UK Wholefoods listing goes live with more high profile listings to follow…

June 2024 sees Australia’s leading complete meal powder provider vybey make its 1st foray into UK bricks & mortar retail with its ground-breaking brain care nutrition range courtesy of Wholefoods.  

Founded by Scottish entrepreneurs Gordon Belch and Rory Paterson, vybey was born from a          deep-rooted passion for healthier living, coupled with a lingering dissatisfaction with the incumbent clutter of offerings loitering down various supermarket shelves.  Having emigrated to Sydney to further his finance consultancy career, Gordon seized the opportunity to create a complete meal powder range that not only filled that void (higher probiotic dose, superior taste, 4x less salt, natural sweeteners….) but also prioritised nootropics to support brain health and overall wellbeing.

In early 2021, vybey launched its first meal powder products in Australia and has gone on to enjoy international acclaim and exponential growth for products as diverse as its innovative powder in a bottle, through to a potent Braincare Smart Greens and Braincare Smart Focus, an ambitious nootropic coffee alternative.   

Today the appeal of protein-rich meal powders extends far beyond the hardcore gym/health-conscious community, even appealing to the over 50s in their ongoing search to enhance and extend healthy, active living regimes, reverse the loss of muscle mass, keep weight gain at bay… In countries like Australia with more developed and all-encompassing sports nutrition categories, the pursuit of protein-rich products is normalised across all age demographics.     

‘We try and see things a little differently from a number our sports nutrition peers,’ suggests vybey co-founder, Gordon Belch.  ‘Be that our innovative meal powders in a bottle, which not only enables consumers to add their liquid of choice but also dodge the unwelcome ‘added oil’ that many RTD meal shakes introduce to bump up the calorie count.  Then there’s vybey’s unwavering commitment to brain-boosting ingredients such as the nootropic lion’s mane mushroom, which supports cognitive function and wider wellbeing needs.’

With regional office hubs established in Glasgow and Amsterdam, vybey is well placed to build upon its UK online/retail presence by redefining what it means to nourish body and mind.

Initial Wholefood listings will include 1.5kg pouch (vanilla & chocolate), 7 x 80g box

Source: vybey

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