We Love Purely Makes A Series of Significant Ethical Snacking Strides

As a leading light within the UK’s guilt-free/permissible snacking movement it was inevitable that S-venture’s significant investment last Summer was only going to accelerate the pace at which We Love Purely advanced its all-encompassing, ‘caring capitalism’ programme.

From this July, Purely’s 3-strong snacking range will be fully HFSS compliant, in line with the Government’s ambitious crackdown on high fat, sugar and salt snacking.  Purely’s latest move underlines the brand’s unrivalled wellbeing credentials which ensures their flavoursome snacks continue to over-index in terms of both taste and indulgence, whilst simultaneously offering manifold, low calorie functional benefits.

July also sees the eagerly anticipated pocket-sized snatch bag variants (28g) of Purely’s 3 award-winning lines), a thoughtful, common sense stance which not only provides greater access to rapidly evolving ‘fine snacking’ channels (airlines, foodservice, on-trade, vending….) but also takes away any lingering temptation for any ‘me-time’ comfort food break to spiral needlessly out of control.

 Most exciting of all however is the success of We Love Purely’s pilot corporate social responsibility programme (Casa Hogar de Balen caring centre), whose success over the last 12 months means that it has now been fully integrated into the business’s wider vision; proving that brands of any size can embrace meaningful ‘caring capitalism,’ which in this instance gives back to the wider Ecuadorian community with whom Purely already works so closely.

According to Purely founder, Steph Pellegrino‘In a region (Portoviejo) where ‘food poverty’ often results in children being abandoned by ‘end of their tether’ parents, we wanted to support an incredible local centre who with little or no government funding which against all odds, continues to provide a safe haven for abandoned local children who’ve experienced extreme trauma in their young lives by providing essential food, housing and safety for vulnerable kids who quite simply deserve better.’ 

Source: We Love Purely

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