Knockout designs Bombay Citron Pressé, A new flavour expression from The House of Bombay

Independent branding agency Knockout continues to support Bombay Sapphire in the expansion of its portfolio with the design of Bombay Citron Pressé, the second release in its Flavour Expressions series. Putting a twist on the familiar, this range of distilled gins inspired by classic gin cocktails offers delicious flavour with significantly more refinement and sophistication – not only in the quality of the spirit, but also in the design of its packaging.

Kockout Design

Inspired by the classic Tom Collins cocktail, Bombay Citron Pressé is a totally natural, irresistibly refreshing expression of the iconic brand’s signature London Dry Gin married with a 100% natural lemon infusion. In perfectly balancing zesty citrus notes of fresh, green lemon with the vibrant juniper notes of Bombay gin, it brings refreshing effervescence to the moment of enjoyment.

Working with Bombay Sapphire’s existing architecture, Knockout’s design for Bombay Citron Pressé showcases the bold flavour intensity of this new expression with lovely, intricate details that bring its product story to life. 

Frosted glass emphasises the natural colour and flavour of the product, clearly differentiating it from the electric yellow colouring of other citrus-flavoured gins on the market. The label is framed with a garland of freshly cut Mediterranean lemons to illustrate that the liquid is made with real fruit juice for a fuller, more intense taste. This motif appears again in a tactile varnish across the label which also features the brand’s iconic Queen Victoria cartouche in rose gold.

“Our design for Bombay Citron Pressé emphasises quality, particularly in regards to the naturalness of its flavour, challenging the assumptions that all flavoured gins are overly sweet and artificially coloured,” comments Dominic Burke, Founder and Creative Director at Knockout. “Whilst the details reflect freshness and bring brightness to the foreground, it is still anchored in Bombay Sapphire’s renowned expertise as the producer of the world’s leading premium gin.“

“With a design that is both vibrant and elegant, Bombay Citron Pressé is a beautiful new addition to Bombay Sapphire’s ‘Flavour Expressions’ range,” comments Adam Heims, Global Brand Director, Bombay Sapphire at Bacardi. “As our long-standing partners, Knockout brings keen understanding of the brand and are able to support our strategy that aims to satisfy consumer needs today whilst anticipating their needs tomorrow with exciting new expressions that stand out with striking design.”

Source: Knockout

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