2 ‘Better-for-You’ Snacking Heroes Join Sainsbury’s

Most Health-Centric ‘Future Brands’ Launch (26/9)

The 27th of September sees Sainsbury’s long-standing commitment to ‘amazing brands of tomorrow’ take a significant stride towards all-natural, nutritious snacking that doesn’t short-change on taste with the welcome inclusion of Wholey Moly cookies (cookies with healthy convictions) and  We Love Purely plantain chips.

 WE LOVE PURELY plantain chips are:                         

  • 100% all-natural                                                        
  • Gluten-free                                                       
  • Rich in beneficial fibre                                       
  • Vegan-friendly                                                
  • HFSS compliant                                                 
  • Sustainably-sourced plantain                             
  • 30% lower fat than traditional potato chips        
  • Strong traces of potassium & vitamin D
  • No palm oil
  • Practices Corporate Social Responsibility by Hogar de Balen caring centre

 WHOLEY MOLY ‘cookies with benefits’ are:                                                      

  • 100% all-natural
  • Gluten-free 
  • Rich in beneficial fibre
  • Vegan-friendly
  • No refined sugars
  • Dairy-free
  • 50% less sugar than traditional biscuits

WHOLEY MOLY: Meenesh Mistry (founder Wholey Moly) says- ‘As vocal champions of the nation’s most loved and enduring comfort food we’re proud of our contribution to the fact that healthier living biscuits now account for 26% of all UK biscuits sold.  We refute that a resolute commitment to healthier-living biscuits should ever mean dumbing down our commitment to amazing flavours and best-in-class ingredients.  That’s not to say we will ever become idle in our fantastical flavour commitments, because only earlier this month we added a sublime Pistachio & Lemon to our flavour swapped out cacao for chocolate in our other two flavours and fine-tuned every recipe to create 3 fuller, less crumbly/more soft-centred cookies.’

Sainsburys push will consist of: Pistachio & Lemon, & Chocolate Hazelnut £1.50 rsp per 38g treat

WE LOVE PURELY: Stef Pellegrino (founder We Love Purely) reaffirms‘snacking is an integral element of the UK foodscape so the question was never one of dampening UK snacking appreciation but combining the very best World Cuisine/healthier eating principle domestically adored flavour profiles. We’re naturally proud of our pledges to no palm oil, lower fat/higher fibre compositions however its our HFSS compliance and far-reaching commitments to *Caring Capitalism that puts us at the very vanguard of responsible snacking.

Sainsbury’s Push: Wild Garlic & Sea Salt £2 RSP per 75g sharing bag                                                                      

Past winner of Veggie, Nourish PEAS (Product Excellence) & Best of Health Awards     

Caring Capitalism: We Love Purely has supported Ecuador’s Casa Hogar de Balen caring centre since June 2020, a non-government funded initiative which gives shelter, food and hope to children who have become unwitting victims of the region’s ever worsening ‘food poverty’ slump.

FUTURE BRANDS: Both brand owners agree that Sainsbury’s Future Brands initiative is a godsend for any ambitious challenger brand looking to make the transition from online/health store/independent hero to supermarket stalwart and that the growing pre-eminence of better-for-you brands within the Future Brand showcase only reaffirms Sainsbury’s long-standing commitment to healthier tomorrows.

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