January 2023 is a big moment in the life of Amazon’s pre-eminent provider of magnificently moreish low carb breaded goods with the eagerly anticipated rebranding and repackaging of their flourishing, protein-rich portfolio.  The vibrant, head-turning new look designed by Davies Leslie Smith will not only provide a greater on-shelf presence for a dynamic keto-friendly business that now operates far beyond its well-documented bready heartland, to include pizzas, jams and essential condiments; showcasing low carb in an altogether more light-hearted yet informative light.

According to Seriously founder Andy Welch‘Keto as we know has been the most googled food movement for some while now, initially materialising as an antidote to antiquated weight loss and reduced sugar regimes but subsequently snowballing into something so much bigger; namely a thoughtful alternative to nonsensical high carb/high sugar diets.   Having taken online by storm, Seriously is now setting our sights on indies, the healthy food wholesalers, high-brow coffee chains, sandwich emporiums, foodservice & hospitality and of course the major mults!  As such, we felt we needed a new dynamic identity that marked this step-change in ambition and scale, an informative identity with ambitious swagger that projected our ‘everyday accessible’ credentials whilst reinforcing our headline message that great taste, common sense carb intake and nutritionally well-rounded aren’t mutually exclusive ambitions.’

Name-wise Seriously Low Carb was proving to be something of a mouthful, so Seriously decided that an abridged SRSLY name was not only more memorable, but more in keeping with its increasingly ‘broad church’ demographic.  

Source: SRSLY

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