adam&eveDDB creates 150 different posters for latest Colman’s campaign to support local food businesses across the country

adam&eveDDB is behind a new OOH campaign for Colman’s called ‘Local legends’ to demonstrate the condiment brand’s support for the nation’s local food businesses while raising awareness of them within their communities.


To do this, adam&eveDDB worked with 150 small, local food businesses around the country, from fishmongers to farm shops, to get their names to appear on nearby OOH sites – totalling 600 different locations in all. 

The agency then created 150 different posters mentioning each specific shop by name, for example ‘Saswick House Farm Shop, Blackpool. Putting the deli in delicious’, along with the hashtag #lovelocal. These appear on the sites near the shops, reminding residents to support their local businesses. The posters are designed in Colman’s iconic mustard/red colourway.  The campaign breaks this week and runs until Easter. 

Source: adam&eveDDB

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