AQUA PURA Launches New 1.5L Bottle Of Mineral Water

Aqua Pura, one the UK’s fastest growing mineral water brands, has launched a new family-sized bottle of still mineral water.

Soon to be available in Sainsbury’s stores nationwide, in cash and carry outlets and in Booths stores across the North West, the launch also marks the start of Aqua Pura’s listings in local retailers. 

As with all Aqua Pura water, the still mineral water in the 1.5L bottle is naturally protected,  sourced next to a special area of conservation in the Lake District and is filtered through ancient rocks to provide a pure and delicious mineral water. The water is drawn from one of the UK’s largest aquifers, which is more than 300m below ground in the Penrith sandstone. It has taken nearly 300 million years to make and is rich in minerals – enhancing the unique and refreshing flavour.

The new 1.5L bottle is 100 per cent recyclable, while the bottle itself is also made from 100 per cent recycled materials.

Kelly Hall from Aqua Pura commented: “The 1.5L bottle is the newest addition to the Aqua Pura range and is the perfect size for families to keep in the fridge to stay hydrated throughout the day, or to keep in the boot of the car ready for days out.

“The launch also marks Aqua Pura securing a listing in Booths stores across the North West – something we’re all really excited about given the retailer has roots in Cumbria, just like Aqua Pura.” 

This year Aqua Pura is investing in a heavy-weight multi-level marketing campaign which will span across home advertising, TV advertising, PR, social media and influencer outreach. What’s more, throughout 2022, Aqua Pura will be supporting various sporting events in Cumbria – including those run by Help for Hereos which is a partner of Aqua Pura.

The new 1.5L bottles will be available in multi-packs of 6 and on shelves in Booths from the end of March, and in Sainsbury’s supermarkets later this spring. 

Source: Aqua Pura

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