Award-Winning Seven Hills Italian Dry Gin Evolves with Modern New Look

Known for being one of the best Italian dry gins in the world, the multi-award winning Seven Hills has unveiled a modern new look, inspired by the hills that established the foundation of Roman civilization and culture. 100% Italian-made, Seven Hills is committed to delivering the most authentic Italian experience, using botanicals, ingredients and materials, all sourced from within the country, certified using innovative blockchain technology. It is distilled in Torino Distillati, one of the best spirits distillery in the country and is available at RRP £26 + VAT (43% ABV).

Made in Italy 

Italian born founder Filippo Previero established the brand in 2014, capitalising on a decade’s worth of experience in the food and drink industry, both behind the bar at some of London’s most reputable cocktail bars and as part of a creative team that designed some of the most unique bars in Italy, Dubai and the UK. He saw a gap in the market for a revival of Italian gin, creating a modern yet classic gin with botanicals rooted in history, representing all that makes Italy great. 

100% Italian made, Seven Hills is distilled with botanicals found throughout the centuries amongst the seven hills of Rome and used by the Romans for medical and culinary purposes, including camomile, pomegranate, artichoke, celery, rose hip, blood orange and of course – Italian juniper, considered the best juniper in the world. 

Blockchain Certification

Italy is about innovation and design, with the idea of never compromising on the quality or authenticity of its products. Seven Hills is one of the first spirit brands that is blockchain certified, which means full transparency of what they do and how they do it. A QR code on the label (and also below) will lead consumers to a website, detailing Seven Hills’ ingredients, distillation process and where the ingredients are sourced from. The technology will also reward customers for their loyalty. 


Seven Hills is committed to the most sustainable ways of working, sourcing all materials and botanicals from Italy and using a modern distillation, reducing the impact of their carbon footprint as much as they can. It’s produced in vacuum pot stills at lower temperatures, which makes it not only possible to protect the delicate botanicals but also has an efficient impact of energy consumption. The result is a perfectly balanced spirit with a distinctive body, strength and flavour that is delicately complex and still remains light and refreshing. 

The beautiful new bottle features a bespoke cap and seal, produced using recyclable materials; a bespoke bottle design, with the glass being from the North East of Italy, the heart of Italian glass manufacturers; a premium embossed label printed just 50km away from Torino Distillati; and recyclable cardboard boxes also made nearby the distillery.

Source: Seven Hills

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