B&B studio predicts big things for muffins with brand creation Muffin Nation

While donuts, cupcakes and cookies have all reached cult status in recent years, there’s not much ado about muffins. But a new brand creation by B&B studio – Muffin Nation – looks set to change all that. Created with café owners and expert muffin makers, Dayana Oliveri, Ricardo Oliveri, and Lorella Di Giulio, Muffin Nation focuses on combining healthy and wholesome ingredients into nutrient-rich muffins. With both sweet and savoury flavours available, these freshly-crafted and fully-loaded muffins go big on fibre, protein and flavour, and are all made without refined sugar for smart and nutritious indulgence.

Keen to emphasise this fully-loaded positioning, B&B created a logotype with diverse and packed in letterforms to symbolise the abundance of ingredients. Satisfying and full of substance, the visual identity echoes the brand’s philosophy of living life to the full – whether that’s satisfying an appetite for adventure or feeding the desire to cram more into your day.

Creating a feelgood buzz for on-the-go eaters was key, as was building up a sense of community around the online and café-based brand. The name Muffin Nation suggests a diverse group of people united by their love of muffins, and brand communications, such as Muffin Lovers Unite, reinforce this idea. Across the brand, a community of muffin-loving characters, created by illustrator Gosia Herba, interacts with the products, and brings a playful charm to the brand.

“With Muffin Nation, we’ve had the chance to create the definitive cult muffin brand,” says B&B Design Director Jack Gibbons. “While donuts, cupcakes and cookies have all built up a clear design language in recent years, there’s no real reference point for muffins. We wanted to create a world that reflected the size and substance of the products, while also exuding a positive and uplifting vibe that’s in keeping with the brand’s healthful philosophy.”

Muffin Nation can be found at London food markets, and Londoners can order Muffin Nation for delivery at muffinnation.co.uk.

B&B Studio

Source: B&B

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