B&B studio rebrands Australian soup brand La Zuppa with positioning and architecture inspired by a positive immigration narrative.

B&B has reimagined the La Zuppa brand for Valcorp Fine Foods with a strategic repositioning and colourful identity and packaging redesign, aiming to reinvigorate the category, grow the range and increase relevancy and repeat purchase with a broader shopper base. Inspired by the founding family’s story, who arrived in Australia from Italy 100 years ago, the new branding delivers a rich emotional narrative to bolster the existing health-focused positioning.

La Zuppa

Food from our family cookbook

Created to broaden consumer relevancy, a new portfolio architecture introduces three distinct ranges reflecting the three generations of the Valmorbida founding family and their contributions to the family cookbook. Chapter One “Italian Traditions” focuses on the first generation of pioneers with a collection of heritage-infused Italian recipes; Chapter Two “Hearty Classics”, offers familiar home-style flavours and staples of the traditional Australian diet; while Chapter Three “Global Adventures”, is inspired by a new generation of global travellers and encompasses dishes from around the world.

As health claims become a hygiene factor in this competitive category, the new architecture is driven by a more evocative and emotional taste experience. However, health messaging is introduced through a new system of icons, highlighting the key claim of each product – from protein-rich to plant-powered, fibre-filled to calorie-controlled.

La Zuppa

Unlocking emotion

Colourful and eye-catching, the new design represents a significant move on from the existing pared-back and health-led aesthetic, and yet recognition has been retained through the white background and its ability to brand block on-shelf. A new collage style has been introduced across the ranges, with each chapter differing in style and content to convey its unique message, from the quirky storytelling of Italian Traditions, to the delicious artistry of Hearty Classics and the evocative provenance of Global Adventures. While most of the illustration was completed in-house at B&B, the agency worked with illustrator Douglas Schneider on the Italian Traditions range.

A new brand identity has also been introduced, inspired by classic Italian typography. In combination with the collage style, the new packaging heroes the brand’s rich heritage while simultaneously appealing to a more adventurous generation of consumers. 

La Zuppa

“In an increasingly functional and health-led category, unlocking the emotion held within this brand was key to creating the cut-through La Zuppa needs to stand out from the crowd,” explains B&B’s Head of Brand Creation, Lisa Desforges. “The family’s story as three generations of Italian-Australians, from the original pioneers through to today’s global citizens – which is an established and well-recognised immigration narrative – was the perfect analogy for how the brand and its recipes had already started to evolve. Placing that story at the heart of the portfolio architecture, as well as the positioning, has created something truly ownable and authentic for La Zuppa within the category.”

B&B Studio

Everyone’s invited to dine with La Zuppa

Dora Constantinou, Sales and Marketing Director for Valcorp Fine Foods, adds: “The variety of recipes highlighted by the new ranging structure and design, and the clarity of the health-led icons, perfectly demonstrate our philosophy that nutritious foods should be created with everyone in mind, and that every palate and dietary requirement is invited to dine with La Zuppa. 

“We were clear that we needed to appeal to a broad range of people, attracting younger consumers who have specific health-focused demands and more adventurous tastes, without alienating our loyal customers. The new design system enables us to deliver for everyone through one single-minded and meaningful brand.”

The La Zuppa range is available across Australia at Coles, Woolworths and selected independent retailers in both pouch and bowl formats.

Source: B&B

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