Beronia Wine launches influencer marketing campaign with YesMore to promote food and wine matching

Spanish Rioja brand Beronia, owned by Gonzalez Byass,  has launched its first large-scale social influencer campaign, in partnership with drinks marketing agency YesMore, to promote the ease of pairing its range of wines with food.

The ‘Make a good dinner great’ campaign, which launches at the start of July, will see Beronia partner with a range of chefs and accomplished home cooks across the summer and Autumn as they plan a dinner party to pair with Beronia wines. Online films will see the chefs receiving their chosen wines, planning the meals, shopping for ingredients and making and enjoying the meal with a small group of friends. 
The chefs taking part so far include:

Alexandra Dudley, cook, journalist and host of the ‘Come for Supper’ podcast, who has 50,000 followers on instagram @alexandradudley

Tart London, who are Jemima Jones and Lucy Carr-Ellison, food writers, entrepreneurs and deli owners and 51,000 followers @tart_london

Billy and Jack, avid cooks and Masterchef 2016 runners up, with 36,000 followers @billy_and_jack

Anna Burnett, cook, author, Evening Standard columnist and presenter of ‘The Filling’ podcast @annabarnettcooks

Starting in August, Beronia will also be running monthly competitions to win kitchen kit and cases of wine, which will also be promoted by the chefs and content creators. 

The campaign coincides with Beronia’s new branding and website, which are also launching later this month.
Jennifer Slater, brand manager for Beronia at Gonzalez Byass UK, said, 
“This campaign is something really different for us. We are a brand borne from friends getting together for dinner and wine – it’s precisely how our founders met. So as we look to increase our awareness in the UK, this work with YesMore will reach exactly those who appreciate the very same things that are so important to us as a brand.”

Dan Hooper, co-founder at YesMore Agency, added:
“We’re working with some of the best cooks and food writers on social media  for this work with Beronia. Quick, snackable video content is really key to our audience of wine and food lovers – so we’re looking to create some genuinely high quality content all based on the subject of  original recipes and food pairings. The brand has big ambitions for the UK for the coming months and years, and it’s great to be a part of this.”

Source: YesMore

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