BOOZE-INFUSED Fish For Father’s Day

It’s certainly not easy being a father! Bad backs, grey hair, no hair, a gradual capitulation of sporting prowess, memory loss, a lowering beer threshold, tighter belts, more loo pitstops are just a few of the many pitfalls that lie in wait to crush our already fragile egos.

And yet where would the world be without ‘dad jokes,’ ‘dad dancing,’ unfeasibly tight shirts, ‘out of tune crooning in the shower, itchy beards, ‘dad grumps,’ obsessive footy affiliations and so much more besides….

Dads have needs which is why The Pished Fish would like to recommend two of its latest lines geared specifically albeit not exclusively for deserving men folk throughout the land     


I know its sounds a tad beery and yes this is hand carved, sushi quality salmon that has been meticulously marinated in pale ale, black pepper and lemon zest but the beery influences are discreet yet hugely satisfying coupled with the satisfying zing of lemon zest & pepper  £7.49


More deserving dads of an indecisive nature will love the breakfast bundle which offers 5 insanely flavoured/booze-infused fish options in one elegant bundle.  Why should amazing fish be saved for brunch and lunch when there’s a dad who deserves the full breakfast in bed tray treatment.

Each bundle includes:

100g Designated Driver (just juniper smoke)

100g Augustus Gloop (raspberry vodka and blueberries)

100g G & T (gin juniper, grapefruit & lime)

100g Margarita (tequilla, coriander, chilli & lime)

100g Classic (whisky & maple syrup)


The Pished Fish

Source: The Pished Fish

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