Borna Foods Flexes Its Trail Mix Credentials With NEW 40g On-The-Go Trail Mix Pouches & WH Smiths Listing (July 22)

July 2022 sees Borna Foods extend its healthier snacking footprint with the eagerly anticipated arrival of pocket-sized pouches (40g) of award-winning Trail Mixes in 100% recyclable pouches

The current craving for unprocessed, moreish snacking offering a heady blend of energizing carbohydrates (dried fruit) and healthy fats (nuts) was always going to find favour within today’s increasingly health-conscious snacking fixture.

The growing move away from overtly sugary and processed propositions has left the door ajar for all-natural, vegan-friendly propositions to find their voice and stake a claim within the discerning snacking bays and intuitive grab-and-go impulse fixtures of major footfall retailers including Boots, WH Smiths, Holland & Barrett and TK Max. 

Borna Foods with its hard-earned global reputation for best-in-class dried fruit and nut procurement meant it was better placed that most to rekindle a long overdue renaissance in this timeless back-to-basics snacking classic.  It was back in the early 1960s when trail mixes first forged their reputation as the healthier living go-to treat of at-one-with-nature outdoorsy types (hikers, sailors, surfers campers & countless weekend sports adrenalin junkies).

 Today a wider appreciation and craving for well-rounded diets, good gut health, super-charged immune systems and improved mental wellbeing means that Trail Mix’s appeal now extends to industrious commuters and health-conscious families looking to fuel their frenetic lifestyles whilst gratifying their taste buds.

Borna Trail Mixes Comes in 2 enticing flavours and pouch formats:  ‘sharing (125g)’ and ‘me-time’ (40g) 

Borna Blue: Blueberries, Cashews, Banana Disks and Toasted Coconut ShavingsBorna Red: Sour Cherries, Almonds, Jumbo Flame Raisins & Single Origin Tanzanian Chocolate Chunks 

Source: Borna Foods

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