Borna Foods Launches 2 x NEW Trail Mixes To Support Everyday, Healthier Living Aspirations

January 4th 2022 sees fine nut aficionados, Borna Foods launch two head-turning Trail Mixes in their ongoing quest to bring better snacking with ‘emotional relevance’ to the top table. - Blueberry, Cashew, Banana & Toasted Coconut Trail Mix - Sour Cherry, Almond, Tanzanian Chocolate & Jumbo Flame Raisins Trail Mix

As snacking strives to be ever more permissible, pairing great tastes with nutritional worth and functional benefits becomes ever more important. Borna decided in Autumn 2021 that they were well placed to call upon their unrivalled fine nut & dried fruit purveyor reputation to assemble two moreish jumbles of 100% all-natural good-for-you ingredients.  Despite very distinct flavour profiles each recipe prioritises ‘nutritionally robust’ ingredient decks (rich in iron, calcium and protein) whilst actively rejecting any ‘artificial unnecessaries,’ added sugar OR life-extending ‘sulphured’ fruit.

According to Borna Foods co-founder, Behnam Heydaripour, ‘It’s been a long-term ambition of ours to utilise our fine nut & dried fruit expertise to introduce a couple of meticulously mingled Trail Mixes that showcase ‘healthier living’ ingredients in a more enticing light.   There’s long been an opening for Trail mixes that only operate with finest single origin cacoa, discreetly toasted coconut, and most excitingly sour cherries that offer an authentic ‘tart twang.’ We’re especially proud of our super sweet banana slices that aren’t bland, crunchy disks of nothingness,’ to make a fantastic 1st impression.’

Initial responses to Borna’s generous-sized ‘foraging’ bags, which contain just the right blend of headline ingredients (no irrelevant, lazy fillers) has been very positive, especially with so many traditional trail mixes being dry and unadventurous and not in tune with supporting today’s increasingly frenetic lifestyles.

Of course, Trail Mixes have been go-to fodder for active, outside types for year, so Borna’s overriding priority was to create two moreish ‘everyday appeal, ‘fruit & nut’ formats that meet New Year healthier living aspirations & convictions head on!

Source: Borna Foods

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