Brazil: SIG innovates with smart glasses for Remote Services at LACBOM


LACBOM, a Brazilian dairy company offering plain and chocolate milk products in SIG carton packs since 2019, has expanded its partnership with SIG by opting for Remote Services from SIG. This latest innovation offers a smarter way to service filling machines and to generate more filling line uptime. SIG’s Remote Services are now installed at the LACBOM plant in the city of Araputanga in the state of Mato Grosso.

SIG Remote Services

The system makes it possible to instantly connect the customer to an SIG service expert. The SIG technical expert can remotely diagnose any potential machine issues or suggest preventative maintenance. With the help of video-enabled smart glasses, the LACBOM machine operator can show the machine to the SIG expert via a secure live-feed and gives them an insight into the installed system, so that they can work on the diagnosis and can guide the user through solving any fault or issue. 

With Remote Services, both LACBOM and SIG’s technical team can work together effectively to optimize the equipment. This solution ensures that the filling machine has minimum downtime because the SIG technical team does not have to travel in case an issue arises.

“This solution was developed with the aim of providing more convenience and avoiding costs to our customers. Manufacturers can no longer afford long waiting times for support and downtime associated with this. Machines that are not running because they are waiting for maintenance mean losses can add up quickly,” says Romulo de Andrade, SIG’s Service Manager for South America

The Remote Services from SIG allow LACBOM to have quick access to SIG’s technical experts with no travelling time, which would be substantial due to the almost 2,000km distance between the companies. Besides lower maintenance fees and ultimately more filling line uptime, Remote Services can also help reduce expenses and CO2 emissions.

“This solution will make it possible for LACBOM’s machinery to increase productivity and reduce loss rates. And we will be able to solve possible issues remotely and at a lower cost. We see potential savings for our company of up to 1 million BRL per year”, explains Mizael Barreto LACBOM’s CEO.

In addition to reduced cost, Remote Services ensure a specialized service, as a team of SIG technicians and experts are always on call to provide prompt service. With smart glasses, corrections can be made quickly and without the need to wait for the experts to arrive.  

Remote Services is part of SIG’s value-adding Smart Factory platform – a commitment to deliver smarter filling line solutions and technical services that help transform customer filling plants into intelligent and connected factories. 

Source: SIG

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